Friday, November 29, 2013

X Factor US 3: Top 8 Results Show

X FACTOR US IS SUCH A JOKE. I mean, how come we always eliminate good people every week? Rachel Potter in Week 1, Khaya Cohen in Week 2, and now.. THAT? Simon was such a wuss to send the decision to deadlock. Why? Are you scared that the other person will ring your neck? Ok. I'm a terrible person, but I digress.

Oh, and this was so terrible, Demi Lovato performed and she should've been eliminated just from that vocals alone.

Results after the jump!

Lillie McCloud

Carlito Olivero
Ellona Santiago
Alex & Sierra
Restless Road
Jeff Gutt


Rion Paige 
Eh. I didn't care for it. It was underwhelming and not a fan of this performance. She can go home any time!

Josh Levi
When I Was Your Man
This was so far and away better than Rion. His vocals were good, and he's just a charismatic performer regardless if he's doing upbeat or ballad.

DEMI LOVATO sends home Josh Levi
  PAULINA RUBIO sends home Rion Paige
  KELLY ROWLAND sends home Rion Paige
SIMON COWELL sends it to deadlock, sends home Josh Levi (!!!!)

Josh Levi


Anonymous said...

THIS DECISION OF SIMON WAS BULLCRAP. Why did he do that, this is the chance to eliminate Rion!!

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