Saturday, November 2, 2013

X Factor UK 10: Top 10

Oh great! The ever so unpredictable Movie Week! Ugh. Can't they be more creative with these themes? The entire episode was pretty underwhelming. Sure, some vocals were superior to others, but that was only because of how average the talent pool is this season. Plus, they're falling into the American idol territory with all of the old song choices! They need to recoup or else..

Here we go!

10. Miss Dynamix
This just didn't work. The opening verse was a mess - especially the first girl, her tone was just annoying - and when they hit the chorus, it was rather bland. I don't know. I agree with Sharon, something isn't clicking with this group. 4

09. Rough Copy
(Everything I Do) I Do It For You
ZzZz. Sure, Rough Copy's version was adequate, but this was just as bland as their song choice. Plus, their harmonies after the first verse was shaky. 4.5

08. Abi Dalton
Moon River
I understood Nicole's vision for picking this song for Abi, but the execution just fell short. Abi was unable to hold her notes properly and since this was pretty stripped down, her vocal flaws were front and center. Her tone was pretty though. 5

07. Sam Callahan
All I Want Is You
Sam has a very limited vocal range and I like the fact that he's well aware of it and use it to his advantage. The song choice was pretty obscure, but he worked it out. Yes, his vocals were still uneven in parts, but the falsetto at the end was surprisingly good. 5.5

06. Kingsland Road
Pretty Woman
This was a bit schmaltzy for my taste, but I guess, that's the point! It should be all cheesy and charming because that's their market. I thought their vocals were more solid compared to last week and that's already a good improvement. 6

05. Sam Bailey
My Heart Will Go On
Again, she sounded exceptional and her pitch was perfect note per note, but this was just WAY TOO OLD FASHIONED! No, I'm not expecting her to sing something from Lady Gaga or Ke$ha, but there's more to this than just singing power ballads, right? 7

04. Tamera Foster
For the most part, Tamera's vocals were good, but I didn't buy the emotion behind the song. It was like she was trying too hard to be emotional and whatnot and it felt too staged. 7

03. Hannah Barrett
This was a lovely karaoke version of Skyfall. True, she didn't do much with the melody to differentiate her take from Adele's, but she sang it beautifully. Her warm tone was perfect for the song and her modulation was great. Too bad, it sounded too similar to the original. 7

02. Nicholas McDonald
GORGEOUS! His voice just soared on this song. It sounded a little too dated - especially for his age - but I can't deny the fact that this was a great vocal performance. 7.5

01. Luke Friend
Kiss From A Rose
I was seriously expecting a terrible trainwreck with this song choice, but Luke actually made it work. I didn't realize that he had this much range to pull of the song, great vocal dynamics, and a couple of vocal choices towards the end that was really interesting. Hands down, his best performance yet. 8


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