Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DAM NATION: November 2011 Playlist

And just like that, it's almost a year since I started doing this. That was FAST! Haha. I must say, November is definitely the hardest one to compile!! Seriously. I didn't know much of the songs that debuted recently. Not sure if it was the number of interesting songs released or if I was just too busy to take notice. Regardless, I did my very best to compile a good playlist this month. Hope you enjoy it!

Just like any other compilations or album that I've posted in this site, the download links will be available for more or less 24 hours ONLY. Oh, and little disclaimer: the format is a little uneven here - some are in .m4a and the others are in .mp3. There! Enjoy!

1. Princess Of Chine Coldplay (ft. Rihanna)
2. Love Me Bad James Durbin
3. Domino Jessie J
4. Marry The Night Lady Gaga
5. Ours Taylor Swift
6. Hangover Taio Cruz (ft. Flo Rida)
7. Crawling Back To You Daughty
8. Love After War Robin Thicke
9. As Long As We Got.. Javier Colon (ft. Natasha Bedingfield)
10. Mr. Wrong Mary J. Blige (ft. Drake)
11. Louder Charice
12. Good Feeling Flo Rida
13. A Thousand Years Christina Perri
14. Rumour Has It Adele
15. You Da One Rihanna



drew said...

Thanks! Some fresh songs fro my iPod. =)

Keisha said...

Hmmm, time is not up yet, but the download link is down. :( ... Seems like this always happens to me. Will you email me the link? Thanks in advance!! Keish72582@gmail.com

DAM said...

Keisha. I don't understand how that happens to you, but it's time's up for more than 12 hours already. Can you send me a screen capture of this now? Email me. I just want to check and see what's causing this confusion. Thanks.

Keisha said...

My apologies, I did not get this comment until well after the link was really down. ... My problem is that I check the site at night, and not during the day, so I feel like I'm always catching the download toward the end. But basically what it will look like is the download link text will have a line through it though under it where it says how much time is left will always have x amount of time.

Bob said...

I guess I missed the cut-off again. Haha! ;)

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