Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Music Video: Baby It's Cold Outside - Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams

It's already here! The much awaited music video of American Idol 10 finalists Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams' Christmas single, Baby It's Cold Outside!

I admit, I was a little iffy when I heard the preview just because Casey's key was a bit too high to complement Haley's voice, but I'm actually liking it more now after watching the music video. It's a superb and harmless fun music video. I think both are adorable and of course, they sound great - especially Haley! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

If Haley sings songs in this style, I may actually have to change my opinion about her. Couldn't stand here through 95% of her time on Idol (the only time I did like her was during her first duet with Casey Abrams), but I actually like this (once again, a duet with Casey... maybe that's the key).

AL said...

I love them both and this was a cute video, but I was thinking the same thing: if Casey could have sung it an octave lower, it would have made this duet just a little bit more perfect. But anytime they sing a jazzy duet, I'm there.

OSO-Deluxe-Edition said...

I'm here for Queen of vocal land, Haley Reinhart.

she sounds flawless as always.

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