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Glee Season 3: Mash Off Episode Review

Mash Off
Season 3, Episode 6
I wouldn't exactly say that Mash-Off was Glee's finest episode EVER, but this was surprisingly stronger than I actually anticipated. I honestly thought that there was NO WAY this episode could top last week's, and while it didn't, this was that kind of episode where it can seriously get people talking.

I mean, debates will be endless!! Was Santana a victim? Or did she just had a taste of her own medicine? Should we root for Santana over Finn? Was Finn too much of a douche to actually blurt out Santana's secret in public? Or did he just had enough of Santana's crap? You get the point..


- Let me start with the small little things, shall we? Ok. Now that Puck mentioned that he's of legal age, I can now fully accept the whole Shelby-Puck thing. No, I still don't want them to be officially together, but Puck showed massive maturity in the past few episodes and that's always a good thing. Right?

- That little scene with Rachel and Shelby was actually really cute and heartwarming. I was quite happy that it didn't take them that long and nothing much to do to actually pave the way or a closer future together.

- SUGAR MOTTA!! Move over, Brittany. You've just been replaced! Haha. She, to me, is now the funniest character on Glee!! Seriously. Her one liners were hysterical and her expressions were just priceless! Plus, I loved the fact that she's really making the most out of her scant screentime - the same way Santana and Brittany did back in Season 1. Oh, and when Will and Shelby were singing, Sugar was swaying with the music, excpet that she was WAY off the beat. Haha. No idea Glee was capable of that sort of subtlety.

- I enjoyed those short moments of sanity Sue Sylvester had, especially when the issue was serious. And speaking of serious..

- My take on the whole Finn and Santana big smackdown? Well, I figured that this verbal war between Santana and Finn was going to explode at some point, but how Glee handled this particular conflict was absolutely impressive. I mean, I love Santana to bits and she's possibly one of my favorite characters on the show, but she hit every low blow imaginable towards Finn despite Brittany and the others telling her to lay off a bit. She attacked each and every one of Finn's insecurities in a very mean-spirited way and that HAD to cut deep at him. Santana obviously provoked him, and how Finn retaliated was jaw dropping.

- Did I think Finn's action was acceptable? Not at all. NO ONE should be dragged out of the closet just like that and I thought Finn somehow did cross the line a bit. But that being said, Santana was an absolute bitch, she's nasty and a bully and NO ONE should experience that kind of constant verbal abuse in public either. I guess, it was just a very much needed reality check for Santana. It's karma and just like her, it's a bitch. Haha.

- Oh, and that slap! Nothing like a good old fashioned cliff hanger! Loved it!


- Rory should get acting lessons.. stat!

- Not a fan of the whole election drama going on between Rachel and Kurt, but I was glad they're friends again. 

- Quinn is CRAZY! 

- Sue Sylvester's ad campaigns were borderline stupid. Yes, these are obviously nit picking. Haha.


HOT FOR TEACHER was ok. I initially didn't like the song, but the performance actually made everything quite bearable. It was sassy, at best.

YOU AND I/YOU AND I. Both Will and Shelby sound good in this song, especially when Shelby belted out the Nebraska part of the song. I thought the performance was pleasant, but how both teachers suddenly came out singing and interrupting the kids' conversation was a little awkward. Haha. Just saying.

HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT/ONE WAY OR ANOTHER was really fun to watch. They all looked like they were genuinely having fun with the scene. Besides, it was nice to see them wearing shorts. Haha.

I CAN'T GO FOR THAT/YOU MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE was possibly one of the most entertaining New Directions numbers in a while. The costumes cracked me up! Actually, I found the performance more funny than anything else - a good thing, I guess. Oh, and Tina and Rory actually look goo together.

RUMOUR HAS IT/SOMEONE LIKE YOU.  This mash-up was by far the best, and not just of this episode, or even of the season. I dare say, one of the best covers the show has ever done, period. The vocals sounded sensational, I thought the arrangement was pretty clever and the choreography was top notch. There was a MASSIVE difference between the New Directions performance compared to The Troubletones. Maybe it's the coach? This was just epic. Enough said.


ian said...

great review as usual :) keep it up !

Riza said...

Totally agree about your comment regarding that Adele mash-up. It was sensationally perfect. Santana's vocals were amazing, ang top notch. Nice arrangement. They did Adele justice. It's by far the best mash-up glee has ever produced, topping Umbrella/singing in the rain last season for me. :)


Anonymous said...

That Adele mashup is my favourite thing from Glee's music backlog. Incredible. Mercedes and Santana owned it.

Anonymous said...

On the Finn vs Santana issue, I have to side with Finn on this. Technically the entire school did already know, so I don't think announcing what the students would have already been talking about is really that bad.

Anonymous said...

i really like rumor has it/someone like you mash up. i can't count how many times i hit the replay button.

Dubya said...

I agree with what you said about Finn and Santana but I thought that particular scene was perfect. The acting was really good and I just love that it happened. I DON'T THINK IT'S OK FOR THAT TO HAPPEN, but it's a TV show and I think that will do wondrous things for the plot.

Anonymous said...

I loved the hall and Oates mash up of you make my dreams come true/ I can't go for that it was great outfits the funny part is that some of nd guys had mustaches and it was so dam hilarious

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's pretty true

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