Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Sing-Off Season 3: Superstar Medleys (Episode 7)

LOVE THIS FREAKIN' SHOW! The talent here is excellent, the judges are outstanding and the song selections are always interesting. Heck, I even find Nick Lachey a lot better host this season compared to the last two years. I just hope - though unlikely - that this show wouldn't be cancelled after it's disappointing ratings for the past few weeks. Sigh.

Group Performance: This Is Halloween, Werevolves of London and Ghostbusters

Let's proceed shall we?

Urban Method
Rihanna Medley
What's My Name, Umbrella, Only Girl (In The World)
I appreciated the fact that they went modern with their choice of superstar, but it just didn't do it for me. There was little "urban" in their take on Rihanna. Everything sounded so messy, the transitions were kind of weak and lead vocalists hit some rough spots. Not one of their best performances. Sorry. 6.5/10

Vocal Point
Elvis Presley
Don't Be Cruel, Can't Help Falling In Love, Jailhouse Rock
I don't know. This performance wasn't compelling up until they did Jailhouse Rock, where everything suddenly came alive. Unfortunately, it was too late for them to redeem the whole performance. Technically though, their vocals were far way better than last week and that's not something to sneeze at. Just a not a fan of their charmingly corny ways. That is all. 6.5/10

Afro Blue
Janet Jackson
What Have You Done For Him Lately, When I Think Of You, Miss You Much
I love this group and this performance was actually pretty tight. However, I felt like they sometimes loose too much of the melody for me - Miss You Much specifically sounded different. Usually, I'm impressed by their musicality, stage presence, and charisma and I enjoy their intricate stuff, but what I think they need to do now is to rein it in a little bit with complicated transitions and vocal dynamics to prove that they can also be accessible as a group. 7.5/10

Darthmouth Aires
Killer Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody, Somebody To Love
WOW. I was NEVER really loved or hated them, but this was an epic awesome incredibleness. HAHA. Their rendition were flawless, the transitions were seamless and it was just overall pretty stellar. I especially in awe with their version of Bohemian Rhapsody. It was crazy good and their voices were ridiculously on point. 10/10

Britney Spears
Oops.. I Did It Again, Toxic, Hold It Against Me
How Pentatonix gets that big and varied sound out of five people is beyond me. While this performance wasn't exactly my favorite from them, this was still unbelievably solid. The transitions were great and the background beats were insane! Interesting that the girl wasn't strongest lead in the group, but she shined in the harmonies, which was equally impressive. 9/10

Alicia Keys
Fallin, A Woman's Worth, If I Ain't Got You
This perfromance was outstanding. The arrangement seemed more straightforward with harmonies that were more simplistic and less complex compared to some of the other groups. The leads were mostly impressive, but I felt like Kendall's falsetto was a little weak in A Woman's Worth. I thought Hanna and Amy gave the best vocals in the medley. 8.5/10

Billy Joel
The River Of Dreams, She's Always A Woman, Uptown Girl
Somehow, they seemed off this week. Their performance wasn't in the same league as the others. It had pitch issues in spots and very weak vocally, especially the lead vocals on their last song, Uptown Girl. I did like the one certain vocalist - and I don't know his name - who did the lead on She's Always A Woman, but I agree that I didn't feel a certain unique character in their voices as a group. They just don't gel well harmonically. 6/10


While I do think that the YellowJackets were obviously the weakest this week, I was kind of hoping that it would be Urban Method or even Vocal Point to get eliminated this week. At least, they were entertaining. Oh, and just from their swan song alone with the amazing operatic start of Chumbawamba's Thumbthumping, I knew the wrong group went home. Just saying.


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