Friday, November 25, 2011

IDOL Tournament: FINALE - David Archuleta VS David Cook (Final Showdown)

.. and this is it! The last poll and showdown of the first ever Idol Tournament. It's been a fun journey for the past five months and whether people will agree on the results that will be revealed this weekend, this has been a fun activity. It maybe pointless and kind of silly, but it's one harmless amusement that's somehow enough to distract some of us maybe until a new American Idol season starts this January.

But before anything else, let's finish this one and have the last poll. No featured anything, just vote for who you like. The poll is open for 24 hours. There will be 7 rounds in this Grand Finale and the winner of every round will get a point. Whoever gets 4 points will win the first ever DAM Nation IDOL Tournament. Please be reminded though that the winner of each round will NOT be revealed until we're done with ALL 7 rounds. I mean, we need some suspense of course.

Anyway, if anyone's interested in the matchups that happened during the course of the whole IDOL tournament, click here to check out the entire 64-player bracket (then click again for a zoomed in view).

David Archuleta

David Cook



Anonymous said...

Dam, I have to say that you have posted this poll at a terrible time for the two Davids' U.S. fans. This is our Thanksgiving Holiday, and many will be traveling, etc. and unable to participate in this poll.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling this poll is superfluous anyway. I think the winner has already been decided, so the fact that some are busy traveling or shopping shouldn't be a major obstacle. In any case, I am anxious for the tournament to come to a close so that we can discover who won.

maxie2go said...

Palm to Heart__

It seems as though David Archuleta won the Idol Tournament. If that is so why is he still sharing top billing with David Cook? And why did the rounds have to progress beyond round 4 when David Archuleta had already won.

You know, we fans of these Idols do a lot to support them, but in supporting them in these polls we are also seemingly helping the site owners. I think it's about time the site owners stopped taking advantage of us fans.

Dam, are you going to notify David of this poll and its results? And are you going to remove Cook from the winner's spotlight?

__Palm to Heart


Maxie2go: If you've been here for quite some time, I have informed everyone PRIOR to the actual Finale round that the poll will continue regardless if there's already a winner because while this is obviously a poll, it's also a way to feature American Idol alums.

It's a way for people to take a look back at their journey from being a contestant to being artists in their own right. Why can't we just celebrate that?

Also, the billing at the top is obviously there to be a teaser for people who's visiting the site. Goodness! I even made a separate image (if you click the banner) to celebrate Archuleta's win with full disclosure of how he won. What is your problem now? I don't get it.

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