Sunday, November 6, 2011

Music: Love Me Bad - James Durbin

Here is James Durbin's first single, Love Me Bad, off of his debut album Memories of A Beautiful Disaster, due to be released on November 21, 2011 - same day as the new Daughtry album!

To be honest, I'm not so crazy about the song at first. I thought the track sounded like the same old pop rock song to me - perhaps with bits of Daughtry influence, I didn't like his phrasing on this particular song, and the instrumentation in the chorus was a tad too loud that I didn't really get to hear much of James' vocals. But that being said, Love Me Bad, I think, is a grower type of song that gets better with each subsequent listen. Plus, it's, arguably, a radio friendly enough to actually fly on radio. Not sure what format exactly, but I'm positive that it has it's market. I wonder though what happened to James Durbin's goal of bringing back metal..



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