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Glee Season 3: Pot O' Gold Episode Review

Pot O' Gold
Season 3, Episode 4

Honestly? This episode was a little underwhelming. I don't know. It was pretty much a set up episode - just like the season premiere - and there weren't really any awesome moments for me to remember this episode. Yes, there were quite a few funny bits and heartwarming scenes, but it just wasn't at par with the first three episodes of Season 3. Oh, and it had a tad more drama that I would've liked.


- I was pretty impressed with some semblance of continuity in the story. It referenced past Sectionals, Puck's pool cleaning business, Mercedes being part of the original New Directions, the fact that the club went to Nationals with NO set list and made up a song overnight and that Santana had one solo, Valerie. I know. I know. These are just small things, but it's something I wouldn't even consider Glee mentioning it EVER AGAIN. So yes, I was a happy camper. Haha.

- Congratulations Sue, you were finally relevant again. I honestly thought that some - not all - of her points were actually valid and she made some legitimate arguments that were hard to respond to. Oh, and I loved that she went back to her original inspiration of her sister.

- But of course, Burt was an absolutely great character. I didn't think him running against Sue made sense at first, but his reasons were just as valid as Sue's. Me thinks that this Sue vs. Burt will be EPIC.

- While Finn calling Brittany an idiot was a little harsh, she really have to grow up! Seriously. I love you Brittany, but you need a giant reality check. Sorry.

- Santana's line to Sugar was downright priceless! HAHA.

- Did Finn gain a few IQ points in this episode? I mean, he was suspiciously intelligent here. Plus, I was kind of glad that they really found something to do for Finn's character.

- Rory's character, I thought, was fine. He had this certain effortless charm and I thought his voice was actually quite good. He wasn't particularly compelling and his acting was less than stellar, but he's an interesting character.

- Daddy Puck was the best thing EVER.  Period.


- The whole leprechaun plotline was just plain stupid - even if that was somehow the point.

- Yes, I mentioned that Rory's character was fine and that he functioned pretty well as a plot device. That said, I thought he was overexposed in this episode without giving him much depth beyond the fact that he's horny and bullied.

- Finn's jealousy towards Blaine was a little odd.. and then when Blaine performed his solo, Finn joined in with all smiles in his face. What was that?

- The Puck and Shelby storyline is a potential conduit for new, interesting stuff, but the whole thing just seemed so wrong. Not in anyway conservative, but this was probably one of the show's worst ideas. I will stil keep an open mind, but .. Ok. I'm done. HAHA.

- Quinn needs some serious help, and I mean it without any snark.   

- I hate to say this, Brittany annoyed me in this episode. Her one-liners weren't funny anymore and her shtick of being too dumb got a little tiring and old. Plus, she mostly sucked the energy out of every scene she was in. Maybe she needs to go back to being a one-liner character - I hardly enjoyed her scenes where she had more than one sentence in a row - with incredible dance moves and a decent voice. Just saying.


BEIN' GREEN. Umm, Rory, if it's not easy being green, then why do  have to wear GREEN all the time? Rory's voice was lovely, but somehow I couldn't get into the song or the performance. I don't know. Maybe because the whole thing felt and sounded flat for some reason. Besides, no one other than Kermit the frog can actually get away with this song. It's silly, I know.

LAST FRIDAY NIGHT was fun. There was nothing we haven't seen before and it didn't actually make sense in terms of context, but I enjoyed the fact that I got to see a lot of great character moments during the performance, and I was basically smiling the entire time.

A GIRL LIKE YOU was beautiful. I kind of doubted if it was really Puck's voice as it didn't match his persona, but it sounded pretty emotional and genuine - like a guy singing a song to his baby in a kitchen, imperfections and all.

CANDYMAN. Fierce. It's a pretty strong and sharp introduction to the new Glee club, The Trouble Tones.  The vocals were spectacular, the choreogaphy was good and the whole staging was pretty nice. The best part? Sugar as a back up dancer! Can't. Even.

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF was sort of magical until he went into his falsetto and kind of ruined it for me. Oh, and that "kiss".. Nothing more to say.


Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing about Puck! At first I was like 'oh he's doing the right thing by not participating in Quinn's plan' then came the song and I thought 'where is this going? why is the camera on shelby so much?' then came the kiss and I thought 'Ohhhh crap.'
Don't care much for the new guy right now....

Looking forward to next week.

M :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't really like it much. Finn was good and the moment when Santanna and Brit held hands was adorable/hilarious, but the Quinn story line just threw me off. She's gone to a point where you just can't bring a character back from. I mean seriously, calling child services?

On a plus side massive rumours going around that Sam (chord overstreet) is coming back in episode 8.

Anonymous said...

I like Rory.There is something very charming and likeable in him.But I dont agree with what you said about his falsetto in Take Care of yourself,I loved it.

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