Wednesday, November 16, 2011

IDOL Tournament: FINALE - David Archuleta VS David Cook (First Music Video)

Since I scrapped the third poll altogether because of the confusion and whatnot, let's proceed to the next poll. And yes, it's all about their first music videos. Again, who do you love?

The poll is open for 24 hours. There will be 7 rounds in this Grand Finale and the winner of every round will get a point. Whoever gets 4 points will win the first ever DAM Nation IDOL Tournament. Please be reminded though that the winner of each round will NOT be revealed until we're done with ALL 7 rounds. I mean, we need some suspense of course.

Anyway, if anyone's interested in the matchups that happened during the course of the whole IDOL tournament, click here to check out the entire 64-player bracket (then click again for a zoomed in view).

David Archuleta

The song debut at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 with with 166,000 copies sold in its first week. This was the highest entry for a song on the Hot 100 in 2008 and the highest for any song on this chart since Fall Out Boy's This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race, which also entered the chart at #2 of 2007. The single has sold 1.9 million copies as of March 4, 2010.

David Cook
Light On

His first official single has been a certified platinum by the RIAA after it sold 1 million copies in the United States. It has sold 109,000 copies on it's first week and debuted at #17 on the Billboard Hot 100 - his second Top 20 hit on the chart. It has become his second consecutive top ten hit on the Adult Top 40, reaching #4. In 2010, the song was honored at ASCAP's 27th Annual Pop Music Awards as a Most Performed Song.



Anonymous said...

I doubt Light On sold 190000 copies on the first week and ranked #17 while Crush sold less and ranked #2, both in 2008.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first comment....190000 seems a little out there.

DAM said...

Thanks for correcting. It should've been 109,000 not 190,000. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Crush has since sold almost 3 million copies and won the writer"Best Song"award simply said because it is the Best!

Anonymous said...

"Crush" made it's debut at #1 on Billboard's Hot Digital Songs Chart. The Hot 100 combines sales with airplay.

Anonymous said...

If Jive promoted it better, David A's first album would reach a million easily. Look what they did to the wonderful TOSOD....nothing what so ever. Sigh!!! TOSOD is an amazing album. it's sad that other "meh" albums from other singers got gigantic promotions by their labels and on radios while Jive won't let radios play David A's songs except the only one "Crush". Go David A. Go, May God bless you.

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