Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Glee Music 3: Mash Off

I must say, Glee needs to do more mash ups for the sake of humanity. Haha. Ok. The songs this week are, personally, not as strong collectively as last week, but the Adele mash up just made it a lot more special. Haha. Most of them didn't blow me away, but I think I have to wait for the episode to see how they play out, because I often like songs much more after having seen the performances. Anyway, enjoy!

Note: These are iTunes Versions already

Hit Me With Your Best Shot/
One Way Or Another
At first, I didn't think the mash up worked just because the entire rhythm changed when the other song came in. Good thing, things flow quite nicely after that. Finn sounds great and while this is certainly not Santana's best performance to date, I still find her voice solid if a bit whiny. But yeah, a pretty good mash-up. 7/10 

Hot For Teacher
Possibly the weakest song of the episode - maybe because it's so different from the other songs? I don't know. Puck sounds good and I somehow like the guitar, but I just didn't really care for this at all. Plus, the talking parts are a bit awkward. 5/10

I Can't Go For That/
You Make My Dreams Come True
Very nice! This sounds like a true group number to me with Finn on lead. It's a little light weight than the Troubletones' mash up, but I love the beat and the mash up works really well. Besides, I like songs where it seems like everyone is just having fun. If only I could pick out who's singing what, it would've been better. The female voices are not very distinct. 8/10

Rumor Has It/
Someone Like You
Not even a question, this Adele mash up is DEFINITELY one of the best songs Glee has ever done! I mean, it's still amazing, and it's like the 23742773 times I've listened to it. Haha. Santana sounds phenomenal and Mercedes is just as lovely. The arrangement is also quite amazing. I appreciate that they didn't perform the songs individually because it will inevitably be compared to the original and will be deemed as a competent cover of an Adele's song. This mash up, however, makes everything sound fresh and original yet utterly familiar. Just saying. 10/10

You and I/
You and I
I admit, not a an of Shelby's tone on this, but their voices blend SO well together. I somewhat like Mr. Shue's voice in this and the mash up is kind of seamless. Not my favorite, but it's good. That is all. 7/10

(all 5 songs)


Will said...

Oh, yes. Just watched the video of the girls performing the Adele mash-up. Brilliant. Makes me wanna continue watching Glee again.

MakMak said...

Rumour Has It/Someone Like You is even better than the songs they did during competitions (nationals etc.). :|

But Mercedes...

Orange said...

I love the cover of I Can't Go For That / You Make My Dreams Come True. Glee is so addictive.

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