Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Glee Music 3: I Kissed A Girl

After another week of Glee break - primarily due to Thanksgiving - here are the tunes the show will showcase in this week's episode entitled, I Kissed A Girl. Collectively, this is a pretty decent set of covers. Not sure if any of these songs will be as strong as their last episode's version of Rumor Has It/Somelike You, but we'll see..

Note: iTunes versions are up!

Constant Craving
I have to be honest, I'm not familiar with this song. I think Santana and Shelby sound lovely together, but it gets a bit monotone and repetitive towards the end. Good but not my favorite. 7/10

I'm The Only One
Is it just me or Puck is improving on his solos? I enjoyed Waiting For A Girl Like You, but this is my favorite Puck solo (based on the audio alone) so far. Not the biggest fan of his character or his voice, but the song really suits him and he did very well. 8/10

I Kissed A Girl
I always like a Rachel-Santana duet and this is no different. It's fun, catchy and kind of sassy. This is actually one of my least favorite Katy Perry songs, but they made me tolerate it - always a good thing in my book. It would've been better if they included some of the girls though. 7/10

I HATED Coach Bieste's duet with Will Schuester last season, but this is definitely a VAST improvement. So while I worried a bit for the contrast between her voice and Dolly Parton's and the fact that she isn't the strongest vocalist on the show, this actually works pretty well. Pleasantly surprised. 7/10

Girls Just Want To Have Fun
Brilliant! This is such a rad arrangement!! It's good to hear Finn sing on something slow and stripped down. Plus, he never sounded this good before. Hands down, my favorite song of the episode. Enough said. 9/10

Possibly my favorite Kurt/Blaine duet. Wow. I love the fact that Kurt is actually singing the verses in his lower key, which is absolutely fantastic, and when he went into his higher register it isn't as jarring as before for some odd reason. The harmonies are surprisingly great and Blaine sounds terrific. Good job! 9/10

(all 6 songs)


Inigo said...

Thank you. You're a cracker!

Anonymous said...

Perfect will be released on Monday via RollingStone. I have to say I love your reviews on the songs and on the show, so thanks for doing this! Also, it's nice to see someone who actually loved Cory on GJWTHF!

christian said...

perfect is now up!

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