Saturday, November 5, 2011

Glee Music 3: The First Time

WOW. WOW. WOW. Forget about the fact that this episode is about sex, because the music for next episode is absolutely epic! Definitely some of the strongest - if not THE strongest - music of Season 3 so far. Almost everything was pretty much flawless. Heck, I'm not even a fan of West Side Story, but the songs are really good!

Awesomefest! Santana, you are incredible!! True, the accents are a bit overdone, but I didn't really mind. They ALL sound great here - from Tina to Puck and even to Rory. The little background cheering in the first verse annoys me, but apart from that there's nothing to complain here really. I can't wait to see the performance and I hope to see some awesome dance sequence. 9/10

A Boy Like That
Rachel Freakin' Berry is sensational! While I never doubted Rachel's vocal abilities, I really had no idea she could pull off a stunning high classical soprano. Seriously mind blowing. Mercedes could NEVER - and I mean, NEVER - portray Maria like this. Of course, Santana sounds awesome as well and she's able to hold her own here. Plus, her range is impressive here. 10/10

One Hand, One Heart
Fantastic duet! Rachel sounds beautiful here and her voice is obviously made for Broadway. And while Blaine's isn't as "trained" as her partner, his voice is still pretty tender and lovely. Together, I think their voices blend well together beautifully. It's kind of short, but whatever. 9/10

Both Rachel and Blaine sound heavenly together. I think they really wanted to pay tribute to the genre. It's not Blaine's area of expertise, but I think he did a great job with this song, and as usual Rachel's voice is impeccable here. I also like that the arrangement has this kind of quietly epic feel to it. Lovely. 9/10

Uptown Girl
.. and then suddenly, we have this? Haha. This is a delightful version and I'm kind of looking forward to see Sebastian, but after a STRONG set of songs, this pales in comparison. It's weird not to hear Blaine on lead for the Warblers and whoever is singing the lead isn't really a strong vocalist. The backing vocals sound robotic and there's a good amount of repetition. I don't know. 6/10

(all 5 songs)


Inigo said...

Thanks. Your enthusiasm is thrilling.

drew said...

Thanks man!

Anonymous said...

10/10 for uptown girl, I no joke started laughing my head off when it started :P

Anonymous said...

uptown girl :)

Anonymous said...

I kinda looking forward with Nick(Curt Mega) here, :)

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