Thursday, November 24, 2011

Music Video: Beautiful - Katharine McPhee (SMASH TV Series)

.. and NBC is now going all out for their new musical series, SMASH, which will debut February 6, 2012. Aside from the fact that I'm into TV musicals like Glee or anything that has music in it on television- you know what I'm pertaining to - this series also stars Katharine McPhee, American Idol Season 5 Runner-up.

It's common knowledge to everyone - or maybe to just a few people - that I adore Katharine with a passion. I've been rooting for her since the auditions of Season 5 and to actually see her get a gig this big and something that's an uncharted territory for an Idol alumna, I'm quite excited. She tried so hard to make a career after American Idol - with her two albums (one of which I thought was awesome) and a couple of movies under her belt - and a starring role about an aspiring actress makes me all giddy. I hope this is it for her! Oh, and she looks unbelievably gorgeous. Just saying.


Anonymous said...

Katharine is 'beautiful' and boy can she sing!!!

Charlie Fisher said...

Gads. It's unavailable in the UK :( Oh well, I'm sure it's great :)

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