Tuesday, November 15, 2011

IDOL Tournament: FINALE - David Archuleta VS David Cook (Worst Performance)

I know. I know. This Grand Finale should be all about celebrating the finalists at their finest moments, but this also serves as a testament that both Idols have also their off days. So, no matter how much we look up to them, they are absolutely not perfect people. This actually gives them that sense of humanity and it makes them a little interesting than usual. Who do you love?

The poll is open for 24 hours. There will be 7 rounds in this Grand Finale and the winner of every round will get a point. Whoever gets 4 points will win the first ever DAM Nation IDOL Tournament. Please be reminded though that the winner of each round will NOT be revealed until we're done with ALL 7 rounds. I mean, we need some suspense of course.

Note: The chosen performances were based from the ratings of WhatNotToSing website for uniformity purposes. Just saying.

Anyway, if anyone's interested in the matchups that happened during the course of the whole IDOL tournament, click here to check out the entire 64-player bracket (then click again for a zoomed in view).

David Archuleta
With You
Chris Brown
(Top 3)

David Cook
Our Lady Peace
(Top 8)


Ok, I will have to stop this poll since there's been a bit of confusion on this particular post. If you read the post above the poll, I wrote there "WHO DO YOU LOVE?" and I also stated for the past two polls that the winner of each poll will get one point to win the whole tournament. Now, these posts that I publish everyday are essentially just there to have a recap or reintroduction of these two Idols to everyone, but just like ALL other 60 polls prior to the Finale, one should vote for the winner - no other rules besides that. Sorry if this confused everyone. So, to be fair, I'll just scrap this particular poll (Worst Performance) altogether and replace it with another one. New poll will be up later. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

But I like David's With You. That's not fair.

Anonymous said...

Dam: You made this round too confusing. Some people think they are voting for the worst performance, not realizing that they need to vote for their favorite David regardless.

People: You need to vote for the one you love as Dam says in the first paragraph, not the one you think had the worst performance.

Anonymous said...

Are you trying to trick us into voting against the person we like?

Anonymous said...

I'm not voting on this round! Confusing!?!?


I don't understand what's confusing about this. Did you ever read the paragraph PRIOR to the poll? I mean, I clearly wrote that word "WHO DO YOU LOVE?" and I even wrote after that "the winner of every round will get a point". Thanks.

Anonymous said...

If you love someone, you are not going to vote for them being the worst anything. So glad you took it down. Whoever thought of this really didn't think it through.

Jayne said...

i kinda understand the poll. at this point, its not anymore a matter of voting for the wrst. if youre a fan you'll vote fr your idol regardless. thats why dam wrote there the reason why hes doing a worst performance poll of the two idols and then has the phrase who do you love to clear it up that youre voting for the one you love.

this was just a mere representation of them as a real person, but still vote for the one you like. dont think dam will all of a sudden go the other way when the whole 5 months (not sure) was all about voting for the one you love. just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

Dam:: Why the need to take down the poll? Its a legit poll that wise people should understand.

Guys:: One word, READ! It's not hard to understand! Use your brains a little bit. Jeez!!!!

Anonymous said...

^^ THIS!!!!! I agree it needs a little comprehension to get a full grasp of this specific poll but thats not to much to ask from everyone right. I'm voting for David.

Anonymous said...

Im VFTW, wish we continued with this so we can vote for the worst. *cough* Gaspy *cough*

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