Friday, November 18, 2011

X Factor US: Top 10


I'm not easily annoyed, but the catty comments from the judges were AWFUL! I'll say it again, let's focus on the contestants and not with you, judges! WE DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU FOUR! It's childish, annoying and it's starting to bug the crap out of me.

Oh, and the performances were unbelievably underwhelming. I guess, it lost whatever credibility it had going into this week. I mean, I can't say this was the worst X Factor show I've EVER seen - both UK and US version - but it's damn close. Seriously.

I'm really missing American Idol right now.

Anyway, let's get on with the ranking!

DISCLAIMER: I am no expert, but this is my opinion - to each his own - and yours will be in the comments below! Haha. 

10. Stacy Francis
It's All Coming Back To Me Now
If you enjoyed this performance, then you're probably Helen Keller. Haha. Why does Stacy hate Meatloaf? What did he do to her? This was SO bad it seemed like revenge. I don't know. There were so many off-key moments in this performance that they were enough to fill a small sinking boat. Blech! Go. Away. Stacy. And take your b*tchface with you. Thank you very much. 3/10

09. Leroy Bell
Why Don't You Stay
Ok. Don't get me wrong, this performance was actually quite pleasant, but if I'm being honest, there was something about him - or the performance? - that's lacking. Stage presence maybe? Charisma? Dynamics? I don't know. It just felt a little tentative for something that should've been more lively. He sounded good, but that's it. 5/10

08. Astro
I'll Be Missing You
I admit, Astro impressed me for the past couple of weeks. Tonight, he was still his interesting self, but just like Drew - and probably Melanie - he needed to switch things up so that his act wouldn't get old fast. No, I'm not asking him to sing a la Marcus Canty because he's obviously a rapper, but a little more dynamics would've been great. Actually, what bothered me was the fact that he rapped a Hip Hop song on a Rock week!! I don't get it. Haha. 6/10

07. Chris Rene
No Woman No Cry
Possibly his best performance since his Young Homie audition, but again, that's not saying much. His vocals was still all over the place, but there was something awfully engaging with this performance. His presence was great and he seemed confident. But just like Astro, this was NOT rock - it's more reggae meets hip hop. Haha. Bob Marley? Seriously? 6/10

06. Lakoda Rayne
Go Your Own Way
Some may disagree with this, but I actually enjoyed this performance. Sure, at one point, it all looked a little desperate and their vocals were a little rough around the edges, but I liked their "harmonies" and it was just a fun, harmless number from Lakoda Rayne. Oh, and I found the brunette's vocals - sorry, I don't know her name - pretty solid. One thing though, why do the need back up singers when four of them are already on stage singing? Haha. 6/10

05. Rachel Crow
I Can't Get No Satisfaction
Really, Simon? This song for a 13 year old girl? Rachel's performance was adorable, and while I was seriously scratching my head over this song choice, I thought that it was still a relatively strong number. She had trouble hitting some of the lower notes, but that's something she could work on eventually. Fantastic stage presence. Decent vocals. Strange song choice. 6.5/10

04. Marcus Canty
Piece Of My Heart
I didn't think he'd be able to pull this one off, but his take on this Janis Joplin ditty was actually quite interesting. I liked that he put some of his R&B flavor into the song, and while I thought the choreography was borderline silly, the whole performance actually worked. His voice sounded strong for someone who was literally moving around the stage and the vocal riffs he infused with the song were just enough to make it sound less karaoke. Not his strongest, but another solid performance. 7/10

03. Drew
With Or Without You
Congratulations L.A. Reid, you just made me appreciate Randy Jackson as a judge, which I thought was completely impossible!! Haha. While I agree that Drew sounds the same every week - that was actually my main issue with her last week - I honestly thought that L.A. Reid's comment was hypocritical as his precious little rapper Astro does the same thing every week as well!! What was up with that? I'd sure like to see her take a couple of risks and do something completely unexpected, but whatever. I resigned to the fact that she'll just focus on her genre that caters to her big fanbase - yes, just like Astro. Now, her performance this week was a little uneven as she sounded wobbly on parts and the arrangement needed more variation - I was expecting some drums and guitars to come in towards the end - but I must say that the impact of her overall performance was absolutely fantastic.. and sometimes, that's more than enough. 7/10

02. Melanie Amaro
Everybody Hurts
So tell me L.A. Reid, REM isn't rock but Bob Marley (Chris Rene's song) is? Seriously? Ugh! Again, Melanie sounded amazing on this and her vocals were impeccable. Seriously. This girl does not falter and she is making my reviews kind of repetitive. Haha. I mean, I could just copy and paste every one of them to save time. So, what else can she bring to the table? None maybe. Unless Simon Cowell gives her something upbeat, I guess. 7/10

01. Josh Krajcik
The Pretender
Ok. I honestly don't think Josh is anything special, but his performance was surprisingly the most convincing and, by a mile, the best one of the bunch. I couldn't figure out some of the words as it just ran together to some mumbo jumbo and a series of growls towards the end, but I thought he killed it. His voice had that grit and it just "rocked". Oh, and I was shocked that Foo Fighters actually cleared the song on X Factor. I mean, they famously declined Glee on covering their songs. Haha. 8/10

It has to be between Stacy Francis, Leroy Bell and Lakoda Rayne. Stacy was awful, Leroy was forgettable and Lakoda was in the Bottom 2 last week. I wouldn't mind seeing the Lakod Rayne for another week though. Just saying.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap! We actually agree on #1 this week! However, we don't agree that Josh is special. He's got a great voice. Yet, you seem to love Marcus Canty (he' ok, but I seriously can't stand his voice for some reason).

I also agree with you on Leroy... he's got a great voice... he's just forgettable. Though I would put him above Astro and Chris Rene and Marcus.

And since I'm agreeing with you... Stacy was definitely bad this week and should definitely be in the bottom 2 (though, she may have enough of a fan base to keep her safe).

My top 4 would be Josh, Drew, Melanie, and Lakoda Rayne (not necessarily in that order).

wyndyday said...

Brunette one name's Haylie. In you pic Paige, Dani, Cari & Haylie. I love Lakoda Rayne, they kinda refreshing to watch.

gddepadua said...

Leroy actually sang "We've Got Tonight". And hell yeah, I officially hate LA Reid. Such a hypocrite dude who thinks his wards are the best in the bunch.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Xfactor seems to be more about the judges than the contestants! They put each other down! Simon said to LA Reid watch your back! Was that a threat! The fact that the are seeing what judge gets the most twitter texts makes it to much about them! I am so glad they called out Astro for being a brat. Seriously!! Bring back American Idol. Even the Host bothers me!!Im watching but dont care who wins! Astro needs to go next for sure!! Stacy was definately the worst but so gratful for the opportunity! Astro wasnt even going to sing becuase he was in the bottom! They should have kicked his butt off there! Thank for posting the American Idol Tournament it brings me here everyday! David Archuleta will always be my favorite reality star of all time!

Anonymous said...

I like Astro creativity and style but he is too ghetto for me, just another thug in the making. He has never been respectful from the start of the show and LA Ried has overlooked that because of his talent. Canty was better audition was at LA's home you heard his beautiful voice real soulful vocals. LA keep saying Bobby Brown people hate Bobby for what happen to Whitney so stop it or he'll be out next week. Melanie, Drew, and Josh are the three to beat but JOSH Whiten your teeth pull your hair back in a pony tail and shave that is what is going to make you as a power house. I know most of these guy's don't care because they probably have record companies calling them already, but to stay in the game and on top you should listen to other's advise. Remember we buy your records/CD's and we can make you are break you.

Anonymous said...

You have to think the large percentage of these show's are young caucasion girl's. That's why Chris Rene is still in the game he is handsome and white not because of his vocals. Don't get me wrong he's real good but I like his own style better.Lakoda Rayne is still in because Simon made a comment that if they are out so is Paula so her fans don't want to see that happen but this group should have been the first to go. Stacy was real good and strong vocals but she look angry/mad when the judges were talking to her and people who just tuned in saw this angry Black B!@#h so she got the boot. Astro and LeRoy are next with Astro going home but LA will sign him as an artist. Then Leroy and Canty with canty going home and simply based on his looks not as handsome as LeRoy. Then LeRoy and Josh with LeRoy going home to boring and then Lakoda and Josh with Josh going home because of looks and Paula's fans not ready for her to loose then Lakoda is out. Leaving Drew, Melanie, Chris, and Rachel. Hey!!!!! Let's face it America base everything on how a person looks and act not talent. Britney can't sing never sing's live, go to her concert and she will lipsink you the entire show. Don't get mad at me I just tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

I ment to say the large percentage of people who wath and vote for these show are young white girls and they vote based on looks not talent.

Anonymous said...

4.lakota rayne

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