Sunday, April 28, 2013

American Idol 12: Top 4 Studio Versions Part 1

The first theme was the incredibly lazy, but strangely fascinating "free song choice". All of them sounded good on their respective recordings, but who stood out the most?

RANDOM THOUGHTS: No doubt, Angie Miller wins this round. True, I'm still not a fan of how she enunciates her words, but this is my favorite Angie recording EVER from the dynamics to the arrangement and even her vocals are quite spectacular. Candice Glover gives Drake's Find Your Love a nice little arrangement and while it sounds too jazzy for my taste, I appreciate the creativity that she puts into it. Unlike Amber Holcomb who probably didn't think much about her song choice. Power of Love? Really? Be creative for once, Amber! Enough of these sappy overdone ballads. As for Kree Harrison, she sounds nice, but it lacks a certain punch to stand out.

Amber Holcomb: Power of Love
Angie Miller: Who U R
Candice Glover: Find Your Love
Kree Harrison: It Hurts So Bad


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