Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Voice 4: Blind Auditions Part 6

And there we have it - it's the final Blind Auditions! Is it just me or  are there a lot more country and folk artists this year than usual? I love some diversity and I hope we get that as the season progress. Oh, and I'm excited for next week. The judges seem to be taking this competition seriously and I can't wait to see the big dogs separated from the puppies.

On with the show!

Jacqui Sandell
While I did like her song choice, there's something about her voice that didn't sit with me well. Don't get me wrong, she was able to hit most of her notes, but I guess it's the tone? I did like some of her choices in the melody though. 6

Amber Carrington
Good Girl
Wow. Good Girl is a hard song to sing - Carrie Underwood herself had a couple of uneven performance with this song - and that fact that Amber pulled it off was just terrific. I liked that she tried to make it sound less karaoke and she hit the notes she needed. Very nice. 7.5

Luke Edgemon
I Can't Make You Love Me
Another American Idol reject and a former Glee Warbler. Luke has a good voice and I thought his range is pretty fantastic, but his performance just didn't excite me. 6.5

Jessica Childress
Marry You
SOLID. I was expecting her to go full diva on this song, but she showcased some pretty stellar vocal dynamics in the song. I love her tone and her range was impressive. I might look out for this girl. 8


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