Sunday, April 14, 2013

American Idol 12: Top 6 Studio Versions Part 2

.. and then the second round featured the Top 6 covering songs they wish they had written. This was, hands down, better than their first set and, to be honest, everyone recorded good studio versions.

[REVIEW] American Idol 12: Top 6 Performances

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Everyone sounded shockingly good - and yes, I mean everyone. Lazaro Arbos' tone is gorgeous on this song. Not specatacular by any means, but this is probably one of his better studio recordings. Kree Harrison sounds lovely on the song with some terrific phrasing and Janelle Arthur is exquisite in her take of the Garth Brooks song - there's something very soothing about her voice in this particular song, but with enough character to actually make a good impression. I didn't get the same intensity compared to Candice Glover's live performance, but this was still bloody fantastic save for the canned backup vocals. On the other hand, I actually prefer Amber Holcomb's recording of the Beyonce hit than her actual performance. She didn't try to do all 4 key changes, but I seriously didn't mind. Her recording voice is just insane and possibly the most potential for commercial success. Oh, and I'm in love with Angie Miller's studio version despite not being a fan of the song. That is all.

Amber Holcomb: Love On Top
Angie Miller: Love Came Down
Candice Glover: Lovesong
Janelle Arthur: The Dance
Kree Harrison: Help Me Make It Through The Night
Lazaro Arbos: Angels


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