Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Voice 4: Blind Auditions Part 5

Finally! It's the final week of Blind Auditions! This episode was good, but nothing to write about really. I must say though that Adam Levine probably has too many great contestants now and some really good ones are going to get knocked out by next week.

Oh, and Usher kept handing out good comments. I like that he's very straightforward and candid in his advice. Of course, Shakira's very charming. And yes, I again talked about the judges. Haha.

On with the show!

Jeff Lewis
U Got It Bad

Sure, I already heard a slowed down version of this Usher hit - Phillip Phillip actually performed this last year on American Idol - and there wasn't anything unique or remarkable about Jeff rendition, but there's something about him that's quite compelling. He has a nice voice and attractive enough to possibly gain traction with the audience. 6.5

Shawna P
She Talks To Angels

I love the grit to her voice, but she could lose the teen outfit no? Oh, and her "I just want to share my gift with the world" thing was something she should have outgrown about 30 years ago. Just saying. 6

Caroline Glaser
Tiny Dance

I like her. She has that "quirky" tone that Blake is usually fond of, but I enjoyed her take on this Elton John classic. She took an old song and gave it new life with her delicate almost fragile voice. 7

Michael Austin
Somebody Like You

Michael, to me, was decent if nothing special. Fodder anyone? 5

Sasha Allen
Not Ready To Make Nice

This was a beautiful interpretation of a totally unexpected song choice. I liked that she focused on just singing well without overdoing it and her tone was fantastic. 8.5

Mary Miranda
Como La Flor

Eh. She has a good voice, but I didn't care much about her. But I'm really shocked that she picked Shakira as her mentor. I NEVER saw that coming. Ha. 5.5

Grace Askew
These Boots Are Made For Walking

She has a distinctive tone and has a female rock vibe going on, but her exaggerated phrasing grated on me the wrong way. Her journey could be very interesting though. 7

Ryan Innes

His vocals weren't perfect, but Ryan has an extremely soothing voice. I just don't see star potential in him. 6.5


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