Tuesday, April 23, 2013

American Idol 12: Top 5 Studio Versions Part 1

Like last week, I'll be putting up a separate blog post per theme just to make things more organized - yes, I'm OC like that. Here, let's have the Birth Year theme first, shall we?

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Hand down, Candice Glover completely owns this round! Her version of Straight Up is too awesome that I'm seriously considering it to be included in DAM NATION's May Playlist. She sounds surprisingly current thanks to the fantastic arrangement of the song backed by her solid vocals. Kree Harrison also turns in a strong studio recording. In fact, this is possibly one of my favorite studio versions from her. Angie Miller, on the other hand, sounds annoying on her take of I'll Stand By You mostly because of her awful phrasing and the way she enunciates every word like a crazy lady teaching a deaf child how to speak. Ugh. Janelle Athur's recording is decent and I didn't like Amber Holcomb's shrill upper register on her song.

Amber Holcomb: Without You
Angie Miller: I'll Stand By You
Candice Glover: Straight Up
Janelle Arthur: When I Call Your Name
Kree Harrison: She Talks To Angels


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