Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Voice 4: Blind Auditions Part 3

Why do I feel like Nashville decided to audition this year? TOO. MUCH. COUNTRY. But what do I know? No disrespect to the genre because I like some country music, but I need variety!

As for the contestants, they were mostly fine, but just like every other The Voice episode, it was all about the judges and I thought they somehow carried the show pretty well. To be fair, I saw a couple of interesting singers in this episode.

Anyway, here's how the contestants did in this episode.

The Swon Brothers
American Girl
Can I say generic? Sure, I quite enjoyed their performance, but I didn't think they brought anything different to it. Oh, and fun fact, Colton Swon was an American Idol Season 7 reject. Just so you know. 6/10

Taylor Beckham
I'm Going Down
Ugh. There's something annoying and shrill about her tone - it reminded me of Cassadee Pope's high pitched tone - and I felt like she didn't do the song any justice. Her voice just didn't have the soul to pull it all off. 4/10

Karina Iglesias
I'm The Only One
Eh. I wanted to like her, but she was WAY too screechy for my taste and it didn't compare favorably to some of the version I've heard before. 4.5/10

Garrett Gardner
Seven Nation Army
I'd give him extra points for the song choice, but I'd probably take it back for the strange arrangement and affectations. 5/10

Holly Tucker
To Make You Feel My Love
Holly Mother Tucker! She has a beautiful tone with some great vocal control, although her style was a bit Broadway for me. Still, she probably is one of the best singers tonight. 7/10

Michelle Chamuel
I Kissed A Girl
Very nice. I seriously enjoyed that. I love her voice, I thought the arrangement worked perfectly with the whole nerd power angle, and I can see her progress from nerdy to serious alternative rock force. Her journey should be fun to watch. 8/10

Monique Abbadie
She sure was a firecracker and I appreciated her song choice, but I don't know. She just hits middle ground for me. Not yet sold. 6.5/10

Warren Stone
Colder Weather
I thought Warren did a nice job with this. I was a little iffy with his lower register as it needed a fuller sound with those notes, but that was just me nitpicking. I have a funny feeling he will go deep into this competition. 7.5/10


Anonymous said...

my favorite of the night was probably michelle. she surprised me by picking usher. should be interesting to watch her. i also remember garrett from last season and thought he did better this year. i dug it. lol. holly was good too! i liked most of the people on this episode.

Anonymous said...

Uhh ohh. I was expecting you'd like Loca girl. HAHA For me, the best tonight I don't know why. Maybe she's (so far) the most dangerous on Team Shakira! HAHA

Anonymous said...

Holly Tucker (6)
Garrett Gardner (6)
Karina Iglesias (5)
Warren Stone (5)
Monique Abbadie (5)
The Swon Brothers (5)
Michelle Chamuel (4)
Taylor Beckham (4)

for me Sarah Simmons is a 9

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