Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Voice 4: Blind Auditions Part 4

Is it just me or has this thing been going on forever? Haha. Also, is it wrong that I just tune in mostly for the edited banter of these four judges? It's been my main gripe about this show - judges being the priority instead of the actual talent - but if that what's keeping them popular, then so be it.

Anyway, let's start!

Audrey Karrash
Price Tag
Audrey is a very attractive girl and seems to have a great natural quality to her tone. She has a strong voice, has a very marketable sound and the girl's sassy. I find her swagger really entertaining. Possibly the best in this episode. 7.5/10

Brandon Roush
With A Little Help From My Friends
I think Brandon has a powerful voice with a lot of grit and soul, but I'm not particularly a fan of his style and a part of it felt a little overwrought for my taste. 6/10

Patrick Dodd
Walking In Memphis
Not sure if it was the right song choice for him, but I like the throaty quality of his tone. I'm afraid he'd be forgettable though once we're done with the blind auditions. I hope not. 6.5/10

Orlando Dixon
So Sick
Eh. I think his tone suits the song perfectly well, but he hit a couple of rough notes throughout the whole performance. Oh, and I wish his voice had a little more depth because right now, he's obviously a fodder on this show. 5/10

Savannah Berry
Safe and Sound
I like this Taylor Swift song and I find her version quite arresting. There were a couple of shaky vocal moments in there, but I like that her voice sounds a lot more mature for her age. 7/10


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