Friday, April 1, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 11 Redux Results Show

Naima Adedapo. I like her. I really do. I think she's crazy and I like that about her. She's been bold with her performances and it's refreshing to see her as part of this year's Top 11. I mean, when was the last time you actually saw a performance that, although wasn't all that vocally, was visually entertaining? Let's face it. More than half of the artists today can't even sing GREAT live and Naima, arguably, can sing circles around them complete with those interesting African vibe. She's interesting, fun and crazy! Now, who's going to bring that next week? Jacob Lusk? Haha. I wasn't a fan at first, but she completely won me over.

Thia Megia. I figured that she will either end up like Jasmine Trias or Ramiele Malubay.. turns out she got eliminated earlier than both of them, which is kind of sad. To be perfectly honest, she's vocally better than Trias and Malubay in terms of tone, range, vocal stylings and timbre. If she just did something about her mild, zen expression - which I suspect came off as a bit cold and a little standoff-ish to people - and picked better song choices, she could've stayed a little longer and prove her case. But obviously, it's a little too a late for her. Such a shame.

Recap after the jump!

Now, as for some observations and comments on the results show..
  • 55 Million votes! A new record for a Top 11 Night. Very nice.
  • Jennifer Lopez is breathtakingly beautiful. 
  • Wow. No group performances? Interesting.
  • Look! A trying hard Carrie Underwood and a younger sound alike Randy Travis. Who knew? Haha. Fine. Lauren and Scotty's duet is pretty good. That's all.
  • Sue me, but I enjoyed Naima and Jacob's duet.
  • I’m liking the duet concept but I miss my guilty pleasure: cheesy group numbers!
  • I love myself some Fantasia Barrino. I think she's fantastic. But she looks like a big red shiny cow. What’s up with the hair? She NEVER bores me! Haha.
  • Excellent! This Teenage Dream cover of Pia, Haley and Thia is awesome. I think this really works to pull both Haley and Pia in a good direction. Me thinks.
  • It's Kris Allen.. and his hair? Yay!
  • A quartet? Haha. This is very very interesting.
  • The boys are a hot mess, but I strangely like it. 
  • Paul in the Bottom 3 has restored my faith in America’s judgment.. if only they included Jacob Lusk in there. 
  • Was that performance by Jamie and supposed to make us want to see the movie? Seriously?
  • Wow. So, Paul is safe? That's 4 girls of color eliminated in a row!! You hear me? FOUR GIRLS OF COLOR IN A ROW!!! 2 African-Americans, a Latina and an Asian. I'm just saying.
  • 3 Girls and 6 Boys - to think the Top 13 was comprised of 7 Girls and 6 Boys. Unbelievable.
  • What did we learn from this? American Idol voters hate women! 
  • Yet again, another sausage fest this season. Why am I not surprised?
Naima Adedapo
Thia Megia
Paul McDonald safe

Scotty McCreery
Lauren Alaina
Jacob Lusk
Pia Toscano
Haley Reinhart
Casey Abrams
James Durbin
Stefano Langone


Oh, and I have a little treat for everyone!


Lauren and Scotty: I Told You So
Naima and Jacob: Solid
Pia, Haley and Thia: Teenage Dream
Stefano, Casey, James and Paul: Band On The Run


joshoncreek said...

hope thia's saved... though paul is the judges' favorite among the three...

Anonymous said...

thia is the one to save.

Will said...

I guess the trend you're speaking about didn't happen here.

Etan Musni said...

I think randy gave a poor judgement on Thia's performance. Based on last night, she was way better Stefano, Jacob and Paul!

LeytonRhys said...

Thanks for sharing the performances!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL. I kinda agree with you about the 4 girls of colour in a row and about the races. I mean, seriously! HAHA!

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