Friday, April 15, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 8 Results Show

Paul McDonald. For someone who has had vocal issues since the beginning of the show, Paul has lasted longer than I thought would be possible. No, I don't hate the guy, I just think that he has the weakest voice compared to the others. I'm all for quirky and understated vocals - Jason Castro, for example - but Paul, to me, just doesn't cut it. He's a fun and entertaining guy and that's just about it for me. If he's really much better than this with his band, at least he's gotten them exposure and Paul will probably make a great deal out of this publicity. All in all, we lost one male genitalia tonight, but the nuts of wonder are still intact! Go figure.

Recap after the jump!

Now, as for some observations and comments on the results show..
  • 53 million votes!
  • So, they're doing duets/trios again this week instead of my weekly guilty pleasure, the dreaded group numbers!
  • I want a Jacob and Scotty duet! HAHA. American Idol, make it happen please!
  • Hmm.. Are the producers trying to tell us something by pairing Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery AGAIN?
  • Well, Lauren did all the heavy lifting on that duet. Scotty worked the eyebrows better than his microphone. Just saying.
  • The funny - or sad? - thing about American Idol is that the contestants only sing current songs for their duets and Ford commercials. 
  • OMG! Casey and Haley killed their duet! Sung really well, with some scintillating scat! Amazing!
  • I actually really like the Rob Reiner segment. Oh, and From Justin To Kelly is a classic. Haha.
  • I love Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean's duet. THAT is good country music, that right there.
  • Kelly’s comment to Seacrest is hysterical! Why cant Idol produce caliber winners like that?
  • Ok. So, the boys started out a mess, pulled it together and sounded great, then kind of nearly fell apart again. Why am I not surprised? 
  • Jacob you shouldn't be with that group of guys! Aren't you looking into the mirror lately? 
  • Wow. Pia Toscano is in the audience, next to Didi Benami. The two people I predicted to win their respective seasons. Haha. One ended up 10th, the other 9th. I'm so good at this no? 
  • Ashthon Jones dyed her hair red and grew a forehead! Oh wait, that's Rihanna!
  • To be fair, I think this is possibly one of Rihanna's best songs EVER!
  • Bye Paul! Fun sing off! He sounds croaky as hell but fun.

Haley Reinhart safe
Stefano Langone safe
Paul McDonald

Scotty McCreery
Lauren Alaina
Casey Abrams
James Durbin
Jacob Lusk


Oh, and I have a little treat for everyone!
Thanks Jenn for this!! :)


Scotty and Lauren: American Honey
Haley and Casey: Moaning
Paul, James, Jacob and Stefano: Sounds of Silence/Mrs. Robinson


Anonymous said...

are u putting the studio recordings of top 8 on here?

Dindin V said...

oh no, Paul's out :(


Anonymous: I'll be putting it up soon! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

you're awesome! thanks for always keeping us updated with everything! we appreciate it!


Dindin: Yeah. He is.

Maya Lintu said...

Finally, someone who actually didn't do very well is going home. after Pia and Naima (I know you had your moments of not liking her, but she's so unique!), it's about time. Now, let's hope the next one is Jacob or Stefano.

Anonymous said...

Yup, at least American got it right this time. Though I was kind of hoping they eliminate all 5 people already and be done with it. Scotty, Lauren and James will most probably be the last three standing anyway. I'm so happy that Paul's finally out though. I like his style, but he's not the next "American Idol".

Paco said...

Well, it's good that it's a guy this time. after Pia's shocking elimination last week (She was my bet to win this season), I'm rooting for my second favorite, Lauren :) I hope she does better as the competition goes along :)

carlos jude laron said...

tell us what you think about the performances by riri and kelly clarkson/ country guy!

Anonymous said...

BOOOOOO! Please do at least put Paul's last studio recording up. IDK who I'm going to vote for now, though. Probably Scotty or Lauren.. whoever does better.

Will said...

At least it's a guy this time around. Poor guy. One of Idol's real "musicians," but he's surely going to be forgotten by the mainstream audience.

Danni said...

Amen, Will. I hope his band gains more exposure through this experience. I'm sure they'll be biiiig now! :D

Robbie said...


Ang galing galing lang ni Haley dun sa duet nila.

Anonymous said...

I'm really, really sad Paul is gone! He was a really different and interesting. I still feel Jacob or Stefano should have gone home before him. I just hope they keep Haley and Casey for a while.

P.S. Paul was AMAZING with Maggie May. That last note is still giving me chills!!

Anonymous said...

Paul's band is already killing it on the charts, currently ranked at Top 24 in the iTunes All Genre chart. :)

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