Sunday, April 3, 2011

Glee Music 2: Somewhere Only We Know

After their cover of Do Ya Think I'm Sexy surfaced a couple of days ago, here is another cut from the upcoming The Warblers album, Keane's Somewhere Only We Know. The album will be available for purchase on April 19.

Somewhere Only We Know
One of Warblers' best, I have to say. I think it's beautiful, and this song has a lot of emotional pull with me - they did really well with this one. I love the arrangement and I like how Blaine doesn't sound lifeless in this track. Plus, I heard that this is a Warblers + New Directions effort. If that's true, then that would be really interesting, I think. 10/10


Anonymous said...

10/10!!!!! The best Warblers song!


Anonymous: I agree!

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