Sunday, April 10, 2011

Idol News: Pia Toscano Reportedly Scores A Record Deal With Interscope

UPDATE: According to EOnline:
Toscano's rep tells us that chatter about a done deal is "all rumor," but E! News has learned that while a record contract hasn't been signed just yet, Interscope does want to produce a single with Toscano and release it while American Idol is still on.
19 Management has yet to approve this, however.
Once 19 Management figures out their marketing plan for Toscano, though, Interscope Records exec Jimmy Iovine wants to get her in the studio to record a single asap, according to an Idol insider.
Well, this is what they did with Chris Medina. They released a single after he got cut from the competition. But the question I have is how much promo money will Interscope be willing to put into the single? I mean, it is pretty expensive to promote a song to radio. Unless, Ryan Seacest is going to mention it on the show, this may go unnoticed. Makes me wonder.
According to US Magazine, Pia Toscano will be signing a recording contract with Interscope Records.
"Pia is being signed to a deal with Interscope Records who are rushing her into the studio to record an album ASAP," a source familiar with the contract talks tells Us. "Starting [Thursday] night after the show, Interscope told her they wanted her and first thing [Friday] morning Interscope brass started calling every top songwriter and producer in town to get an album together and rush release it."
Moreover, "Papers are being finalized. It's basically a done deal. She's signing. They rushed everything but she's so excited."
This is an interesting (and pretty fast) development for Pia Toscano. Before Season 10 even started, Universal said from the get go that they intended to have a bunch of the finalists get music out quick and start recording during the run of the show because viewers are forgetting about the contestants faster than they used to. So, I'm not really surprised that Jimmy Iovine and Interscope has latched on to Pia.

It's the way Idol works now. They know that American Idol voting doesn't necessarily produce commercially viable winners (see, Lee DeWyze) so they override the vote and sign whoever they want. So I guess the rest of the contestants should just give up. Haha. It's silly, I know.

But seriously, I really don’t see a bad side to this at all. If she’s successful, it will be another feather in the cap of the Idol brand. If not, she’ll fit in nicely among the MANY who tried to break through after Idol. I just hope the label doesn't simply rush out a quickie album for the sake of releasing one. Handled right, I really think Pia could be a relevant and successful pop act.

Oh, and Interscope records is where Lady Gaga, Eminem, Timbaland, OneRepublic, Black Eyed Peas, Dashboard Confessional, Keri Hilson and James Morrison are in..


Anonymous said...

Good for her, good for her (:

Gelo said...

Geez...sana maging successful to. Hoping for the best for her.

Robbie said...

So masaya ka na? Lol.

nQw said...

I hope it's not rumors! If she release a single before a new winner is crown, another Idol history is made...let's hope she performs her new single during the finale...haha

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. Then why didn't the eliminated ones didn't get a record deal as well??


Anonymous: Because they are just not as good? Personally, I think she deserves it. :)

Will said...

Nice one!

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