Saturday, April 16, 2011

DAM NATION: April 2011 Playlist

I can't believe that this is already on it's fourth month! Wow.

Here's another set of 15 songs for April. I'd say this is a pretty good mix of genres. Artists vary from Rihanna to Blake Shelton to even, yes, Tim Halperin. Some of you may not know him, but listen to his work and I hope you appreciate him. Oh, and this includes the newest single of Lady Gaga, Judas! Just got released a couple of minutes ago. And no, it's not the surprise bonus track! Haha.

So, just like any other compilations or album that I've posted in this site, the download links will be available for more or less 24 hours ONLY. There! Enjoy!

1. California King Bed Rihanna
2. Stuck Like Glue Sugarland
3. The Last Song Tim Halperin
4. I'm Into You Jennifer Lopez (ft. Lil Wayne)
5. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) Emily Browning
6. All Of The Lights Kanye West (ft. Rihanna and Drake)
7. Honey Bee Blake Shelton
8. The Lazy Song Bruno Mars
9. Uncharted Sara Bareilles
10. Just Can't Get Enough The Black Eyed Peas
11. Beautiful Like You Lee DeWyze
12. Don't Turn Out The Lights NKOTBSB
13. That Should Be Me Justin Bieber (ft. Rascal Flatts)
14. S&M Rihanna (ft. Britney Spears)
15. Judas Lady Gaga




Zephyr said...

Thank you for the compilation! The bonus track is somewhat... unexpected lol. Thanks again!


Zephyr: I like that you have humor! I'm glad you "like" the bonus track! Haha. Enjoy! :)

Keisha said...


Thanks for always posting these great downloads. I know that you only do the downloads for 24 hours, but for some reason I apparently missed this April one. I've got the others, and as I was pedantically putting the May one into it's proper place in my file system, I thought to myself "Where the hell is the April one?!" .... So I was just wondering if by any off chance you could send me the compilation. The sad thing is that I already have 80% of this music, but I just want my DAM Nation Compilation Folder to be complete. It's an OCD thing, lol. Hope you understand. Thanks in advance!

Keisha said...

and damn, I'm sorry I'm a re-re; I forgot to include an email that you can reach me at. .... Sorry you got 2 comments that you have to approve now; you don't even have to approve them, I just wanted to contact you through the proper post.

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