Sunday, April 3, 2011

Soundtrack: Grey's Anatomy: The Music Event

Ok. Not that I'm compelled to post it here - I admit, it somehow doesn't work with the blog's niche - but I give rare exceptions. Besides, it's a musical episode of a series - sort of like Glee in scrubs! Haha. Lame, I know.

I admit, I'm not in any way a fan of Grey's Anatomy, but I was told that this episode, which turned out to be a musical, was pretty good. I have yet to see it - or maybe not, it depends - but for people who are interested.. here it is!! Enjoy!

1. Chasing Cars
2. Breathe
3. How We Operate
4. Wait
5. Runnin' On Sunshine
6. Universe & U
7. Grace
8. How To Save A Life
9. The Story



Denman said...

It is pretty good, actually. Maybe I'm saying this, because I've been following Grey's Anatomy since the beginning, but I really really liked it and that it did not appear like another Glee episode as what Shonda Rhimes said days before the episode went on air.


Denman: I'm still thinking if I'll watch this one. Haha.

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