Friday, February 18, 2011

American Idol 10: Hollywood Week (Solos)

Wow. Just when I thought last night was good, this episode was even better! So. Much. Potential. Seriously. I mean, only about 5 of the Top 12 last year could sing in tune, and in less than a half hour, I just heard TWICE that many. I'm almost in tears! Haha Is this too good to be true?

It's official - I'm in love with this season. The voices are lovely and the contestants this year are representing a diverse range of genres really well. Plus, the personalities are fun, touching and really interesting. Heck, the villains for this season are also talented, and make the show more hilarious than it actually is.

I certainly have some people to root for but I can't really decide who will be my MOST HATED contestant this season:
a.) Lauren Alaina
b.) James Durbin
c.) Chris Medina
d.) a villain (Clint Gamboa or Jordan Dorsey)

What do you think? Haha.

TOP 40 SPOILER, here.

Anyway, here's my review on the people who got featured on today's episode:

DISCLAIMER: None as of this moment. Haha.

Haley Reinhart
True, her rendition of God Bless The Child was a bit overblown and I didn't exactly understand the words she was singing, but she indeed has a lovely soulful voice. I think she's interesting and I actually like her growl. If only she can tone down the melisma, I could see her as a darkhorse.

Ashthon Jones
To be honest, I'm really tired of this song - it's such a cliche diva tune on Idol -  but I really liked her. Her tone is lovely and the performance didn't seem forced. Plus, she's a gorgeous woman.

Thia Megia
Ok. No doubt, she has a good voice - impressive, if I'm being honest - and a nice vocal control, but she's too manufactured and pageanty for my taste. Also, I just noticed now that there's something unpleasant about her tone and phrasing. I don't know. She, to me, is like a less talented Charice.

France Coontz
She just butchered, Hey Soul Sister. Great! Haha.

Clint Jun Gamboa
He has a very impressive voice and his tone is lovely. I normally don't like too much runs, but I didn't feel like he over sang his version of Georgia On My Mind partly because he didn't scream the notes. Sadly, he's never going to get a fair shake from the public because of his group round decisions with Jacee Badeaux. Oh well.

Kendra Chantelle
Good tone. That's about it.

Sophia Soria
Why did they feature this girl just now?! She has an amazing raspy tone that I like. Good job!

Chris Medina
I'm done with him! He's not an impressive vocalist and he has absolutely no stage presence whatsoever. Too many other people, including Carson Higgins, have more of it than he does. Heck, even Lee DeWyze has more stage presence than him - and Lee, to me, has a personality of an oyster! Oh, and please stop trying to ape Andrew Garcia with an "out-of the-box" song choice.

Carson Higgins
This wasn’t the greatest version of My Prerogative, but he has got so much charisma. I really think Carson is entertaining, along with a voice that, while not exceptional, gets the job done.

Julie Zorrilla
Wow. She impressed me with her version of Love Song. I wasn't entirely a fan during her auditions because her singing was so much affected, but she's slowly proving me wrong. I like her style, her presence and it's nice to see her play the piano. One thing though: Is it just me or does Julie look like Lea Michele? Ha.

Caleb Hawley
He sounded decent. Pretty unremarkable though.

Colton Dixon
Who knew? I hated his spastic singing last night, but I take it back now. I really like his rendition of What About Now.

Brett Loewenstern
I love his song choice and his tone is really growing on me now. And like what I've said, he's oddly captivating!

Robbie Rosen
Really good voice, but he had so many runs and riffs with that song that it's bugging me a little. He transitions were a little wonky as well. That being said, I think he's still one to watch.

Casey Abrams
IMPRESSIVE! This, to me, was possibly as good as Matt Giraud's version of Georgia On My Mind during Season 8's Hollywood Week. I know, nothing screamed contemporary relevant artist like an upright bass but he's unique, he stands out, and he has stage presence. His musicality is also pretty good. Easily, one of my favorites this season! Amazing.

Chelsee Oaks
She has a good voice with lots of country potential, but she can't compare to Kelly Clarkson. So, singing Because Of You wasn't entirely a good decision, I think. Too bad.

Lauren Alaina
I really wanted to just punch her in the face! Ugh. She pandered to Steven Tyler AGAIN! Seriously. Can she do something that does NOT involve playing up to Steven Tyler already? Tacky. Just Tacky.

Jacob Lusk
I agree, he has got an incredible chops with an astounding range - he can hit those insanely low notes - and a lot of soul, but the performance was way far, far too over the top for my liking. I'm all for stylizing, but I would NOT want to listen to that again. Too overwrought. Plus, he made some seriously ugly singing faces. Haha. Just saying.

John Wayne Schulz
Tell me, how come they didn't feature him as the main country guy instead of Scott McCreery? Really. I mean, John Wayne is a big country win. He's got everything country music wants. Just listen to his heartfelt rendition of Landslide and you'll know what I mean. I'm not a fan, but I thought it was really good. I also have to give him credit for being one of the very few people who did not over sing! Good job.

Ashley Sullivan
Such a neurotic mess. Go home already! Ugh. I think she and Carson Huggins would make a great crazy pair. Haha.

Stefano Langone
He's adorable with a decent-to-good voice but this performance just didn't measure up with what they've shown in this episode.

Jovanny Barreto
Generic! Next!

Jacee Badeaux
Just like what I wrote yesterday, Jacee's voice is to timid. Sure, he’s a cute kid and seems like a sweet guy, but he's just not ready for this competition. He's too young!!

Scott McCreery
Wow. Is he just a one trick pony a la Kristy Lee Cook who only sang Amazing Grace from her auditions until the end of Hollywood week? I don't know. I think the deep voice will get old fast, especially since he always seems to sing the same thing.

Tatynisa Wilson
I can't believe Idol threw her under the bus! Seriously. The show introduced her to the viewers tonight and it's all about her forgetting the lyrics. Unbelievable. Her tone wasn't bad but it was a case of wrong song choice and lyric issues. I wonder if they're planning to give her sort of a redemption edit.


Will said...

me thinks Jacee Badeaux is overrated.

and I have a good feeling Casey's gonna win it.

Sendo said...

di ko binasa ang buong entry..pero parehos tayo ng peborits..chris, james, and lauren....pag namimili ako nananalo yan! haha...sana sila final 3! hehe

Sendo said...

nalungkot ako nung pinauwi na nila si paris at emily reed...hihi...gusto ko kasali rin sa final 12 sina scotty, jordan, jc, julie, ashley, stefano, jacob, tatynisa, chelsee...niyehehe


Will: I have to say, Jacee has a good voice but I don't think his voice will stay the same a few years from now. I think Chris Medina is more overrated than this kid.

As for Casey winning, I highly doubt it. I like him, I think he's great, but I think Idol now is looking for a POP star and Casey just doesn't fit the bill. He reminds me of Taylor Hicks in terms of musicality. Take it however you want to. LOL


Sendo: Unfortunately, the people I listed above are actually the ones who I wanted to hate. Haha. They're far away from being my favorite. Unless, they do something miraculous. Hehe. Chris is overrated, James is painful to listen to and Lauren is such a kiss ass. I hate them! Sorry. :P


Sendo: But Chelsee Oaks got eliminated in thsi episode.

Sendo said...

kapag si lauren at jacob kumakanta..di ako kinakabahan pag bumabanat sila...haha...kasi angaling iba na kinakabahan ako na magkamali sila haha

Robbie said...

I also don't like Chris Medina. He's just an average singer. As in seriously? Why is he still in the competition? Plus her reminds me of Jack Black.

I dont like Robbie Rosen. Because he's a very talented Robbie. He will outshine me. Ako lang at si Robbie Williams ang dapat magin sikat na Robbie. Wahahaha.

This season, I will route contesntants based on their looks. Which means Colton and John Wayne.


Sendo: You have a point. Lauren, though overrated, can really sing. But, I'm confused are we talking about Jacob Lusk now and not James Durbin?


Robbie: I couldn't agree with you more about Chris Medina and LOL at the Jack Black comparison. Haha.

As for Robbie, yes, he's very talented. So, watch out Robbie boy! Haha :D

gregg said...

Scott McCreery's song ("turn the lights...something...somehing) has been stuck in my head since yesterday...=)


Gregg: Hahaha. Me too!

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