Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Glee Music 2: Blame It On The Alcohol

Here are the songs for next week's Glee episode, Blame It On The Alcohol, which will air February 22, 2011 (US).

Hmm. The songs are pretty good and I mostly like them, but nothing really stood out and wowed me. Maybe Tik Tok, just because Brittany's singing it. Haha. Anyway, enjoy!

ETA: These are already the iTunes versions!!

Blame It (On The Alcohol)
Ok. So, everyone sounds really great, but I don't really like the song. Haha. I like that Mercedes, Santana, Sam (?) are here in this track. I think this should be an interesting performance, to say the least. 7/10

Don't You Want Me
I admit, I'm not familiar with the song but I end up loving it. I mean, a Blaine-Rachel duet? Sign me up! They do sound great, even if it's not the top song to show off their vocals. I'm also happy and quite surprised that Rachel's voice didn't drown Blaine's. I think the performance is going to be brilliant. It is kind of sad though that Blaine is gay, because I think a Rachel-Blaine team up could be kind of epic. Just saying. 8/10

One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer
Country isn't my favorite genre, but this is kind of decent. I kind of liked both Schuester and Beiste's voices in this. It's a bit boring though. 6/10

Tik Tok
Brittany is back, bitches! Haha. I actually find Brittany's version of this song much less whiny and makes the song much more palatable. No, it still isn't a great song, but it's much better than the original. Props to Brittany! I really can't wait to see the Tik Tok scene. 8/10

(all 4 songs)


Anonymous said...

are these the itunes verisons? thx btw DAM nation ROCKS!!


Anonymous: Yes, these are iTunes versions already! :) Enjoy!

katuray said...

thx for the uploads! ;)

Don't You Want Me is my fave track here.. 80's new wave! taray! haha

i'm excited to see rachel and blaine (RAINE) kiss on this epi. ;)


Katuray: Anytime! :)

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