Thursday, February 10, 2011

American Idol 10: San Francisco Auditions

Yay! Final audition episode!

I'm just so damn glad that the auditions are finally over. Sure, I’ve been enjoying the show, but I'm already suffering from some serious sad sack fatigue. I know. I know. I understand the need for America to have someone to relate to, but truthfully I have a few hard luck stories in my life, but I’ll be damned if I'm going to parade around as a poster boy for misfortune.

Somehow, I think these stories could have been handled better. It really felt like I was watching a telethon with all those sob stories. I’m actually surprised that they don’t have a number where you can call in to give money. Haha.

Thank God there's Steven Tyler to effortlessly make the mood a little lighter. Seriously. I got a kick out of the mean Mr. Tyler. Haha. Unlike Simon, he didn't do mean just for the sake of making a clever comment. I especially loved it when he got pissed off at a Robbie Carrico 2.0 for having the audacity to claim kinship with Steven as a long haired rocker, and then sucking. Haha.

Oh, and I can't wait for the first day of Hollywood. It's like the auditions minus the suck with just pure vocals and tons of drama - not sob stories!

Anyway, here's my review on the people who got featured on today's episode:

DISCLAIMER: Just an opinion based on the auditions. It may change as the season progresses so haters back off. Haha.

Brittany Mazur
Beautiful. Strong vocals. Good control. Decent range. 7/10

Lara Johnston
I like her. I think she has a good voice with a lovely tone and great phrasing. 8/10

Matthew Nuss
Decent. Next! 6/10

Stefano Langone
Good solid vocals, but seems to be lacking any nuance to his voice. He has an interesting tone though. Plus, he's good looking in a non-threatening way, if you know what I mean. 8/10

Clint Jun Gamboa
I'm still on the fence with this guy. I think he's talented complete with that good warm tone, but he didn’t seem to have that something extra that you need to get to the final rounds. 7/10

Unnamed Trio 
I really liked their voices. The show barely spent time on them though that they didn't even bother to put names on them. Ugh! N/A

Julie Zorrilla
Wow. I can tell that this girl is going to irritate the bejesus out of me. Seriously. Her rendition of Summertime was awfully breathy and she needed to calm down with those runs. I mean, there was just too much over-affected melisma crap going on with that version - though Randy apparently didn't figure that out yet. Plus, she's too polished. America likes to see improvement. 7/10

Emily Anne Reed
Possibly one of the most recognizable voices in this season's audition round and it seems to grow on me every single time I listen to it. A definite breath of fresh air. I like the bluesyness of her voice and I somehow get this Megan Joy vibe from her, which is not a bad thing. 8/10

James Durbin
THE SOB STORY TO BEAT ALL SOB STORIES! Yes, he has literally everything going against him: his dad died of overdose when he was 9, he was diagnosed with Tourettes and Aspergers, he has no job, he got his girlfriend pregnant and he can’t even buy his kid diapers. Tough luck no? To be fair, James has a good voice with an incredible range, but I don't think his segment did him any favors. He literally cried during his whole audition and it was kind of ridiculous. I'm not so sure if the emotional immaturity and inability to control his emotions was due to his illness, but that’s going to be a liability as it will get on people’s nerves quickly. Just saying. 8/10

"I don't want to be a car for the rest of my life". Haha. EPIC!


reyjr said...

You nailed it right on the head with Julie Zorrilla. Hahaha! She seriously over-sung Summertime and made these weird gestures while singing it was almost creepy. lol.

And the transformers guy - wouldn't it be cool if one of these days, someone who auditioned as a car turned out to be someone who could actually sing? That'll be one for the blogs. :)


Reyjr: I honestly thought Transformers guy can sing. He can carry a tune and the fact that he sang while in a "car position", it's not too shabby, I think. Haha.

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