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Glee Season 2: Silly Love Songs Episode Review

Silly Love Songs
Season 2, Episode 12

Of any time of the year, Valentine’s Day is possibly the time I get the most cynical about things - it’s great for those in the right situation, and sucks like hell for everyone else. So, this probably clouds my judgment about the episode as a whole. That's why I was sort of looking forward to this episode with trepidation of being way too cheesy and too schmaltzy for my liking.

That being said, I actually liked the episode - I didn't love it though. I mean, I think the episode could standalone, much like Duets or The Substitute, but at the same time it also flowed with the plot development. Plus, the fact that there were so many things great about this episode. Unfortunately, one thing got me really annoyed that it could have literally outweighed the good.


- Lauren Zizes was probably my favorite character in this episode. Seriously. She dominated Puck like no body's business, and it was awesome.

- The Puck and Lauren situation was brilliant because that could really lead to some character development for Puck. I'm not even a fan of him but I'm seriously looking forward to it. Is he really willing to take things slow with Lauren? And is he growing up? Is he more into a girl's character than her looks? It will be really interesting.

- Santana was my other favorite character tonight. She looked even more beautiful without the Cheerios uniform and her lines were hilarious. To quote, "I just try to be honest with people when i think they.. SUCK" Haha. I really want that on a bumper sticker and possibly a shirt. I like her bitchiness! That is all. 

- Frankly, I was really expecting Rachel to be a desperate psycho for Valentine's Day, and I was pleasantly surprised that she didn't try to be one. I like independent Rachel.

- Kurt/Rachel/Mercedes slumber party was cute. I loved their scenes together and what Mercedes said in the sleepover was perfect - it's ok to be single! Haha. I think the show needs strong girls and I'm glad it seemed like we're going to see that.

- The catfight between Lauren and Santana was EPIC! Enough said.

- Blaine was a really good character, even though he was getting all the solos. Haha. I kind of like that the guy from GAP dissed him because that made him more real of a character. Plus, I like him and Kurt together. The tension is now established, but the friendship isn't ruined.


- I hated Finn for being such a hypocritical a*s. From self deprecating to a complete douche. What have the writers done to him? Seriously. I just don't understand how on earth can he be attracted to a girl who cheated on him, had sex with his best friend, lied about how she was pregnant with his baby and was generally derogatory toward him. I DON'T UNDERSTAND! He went all crazy on both Quinn AND Rachel for cheating on him, but it’s okay for Quinn to cheat WITH him?  I don't think I've ever wanted to drop kick Finn as much as I did when he was in the auditorium.


FAT BOTTOMED GIRL was pretty entertaining. The way Puck was looking at Lauren complete with the smoldering eyes and sexy smirk, the strut he had with the electric guitar.. Possibly one of Puck's greatest performances. Oh, and Santana's reactions were priceless.

P.Y.T. Quite random but good enough. I like the combination of Artie's vocals with Mike's dancing. I found them adorable.

WHEN I GET YOU ALONE. Amazing. I love the song and Blaine just got the right amount of attitude and charm. It was a really great performance, especially when the Dalton boys popped out of nowhere and startled the shoppers. Haha.

MY FUNNY VALENTINE. I'm sorry, but I hated this. Not because she sang it crying - I get that - but Tina's acting felt forced. I didn't even see one single tear. I just wish she had sung the song straight without the crying. Oh well.

FIREWORK. The song was appropriate and Rachel sounded really great but I really didn't care for this version of the song. It somehow reminded me of when Rachel sang Baby One More time and just oversang the living daylights out of the song. Rachel's way too good for this song. Just leave it to Katy Perry, please.

SILLY LOVE SONGS was decent. I don't know. Maybe I just don't like the fact that there were too many Warbler performances in one episode and Mercedes - yet again - continued to languish in the background. I want her to sing!!!!! Ugh.

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Robbie said...

Finn has done it. I hate him more than I do Danny Gokey.

This episode was cute. I really love Santana and her bitchiness. Love love love. And I enjoyed seeing her get beaten up by Lauren. Lauren is warming up to me also.

I liked Tina's song!!! I found it hilarious.


Robbie: Wow. Danny Gokey over Finn Hudson? That's how much you hate Finn now. I think I hate Finn now more than Will Schuester but not Danny Gokey level, I think. Haha.

greg said...

Santana is H-O-T! =D I felt bad while Lauren is throwing her against the lockers, I felt her pain...poor Santana. Hope to see Emma on the next ep, I miss her big bewitching eyes.=)

Glecer said...

I agree! I like the scene where Santana is crying and said the most EPIC line! :)

I'm also thrilled that they went back to cast for this episode (with the exception of the Warblers) especially the character development of Puck.

Are they hinting for a Sam-Santana, hook up? I hope not.

katuray said...

is it just me or are they starting to look too old for their roles (esp. finn) as high sch students!?

anyway, i really liked rachel in this episode.. independent, like u said.

the warblers singing two songs and no solo for mercedes?! WTF!

morally-vacant santana is HOT!

"i've had mono so many times it turned into stereo." -santana

Vincent said...

Where to begin, Santana!!!!!

Only on rare occasions do I get turned on by girls but Santana(with exception of Megan Fox), really got me OOOHHH-LA-LA. Her lines matched with her in-your-face facial reactions had me popping my stitches laughing.

Rachel's moment as she spoke with Finn which lead her to sing Fireworks was moving. It was heartbreak minus the "break" part.

Oh, love the slumber party.

Lauren and Puck was cute but all my attention only got horded by Santana.

A lot of you may not agree with me but I really found the Silly Love Songs cover by the Worblers nice. I seriously wanna let my boyfriend see the vid but then again there was no clip. Sigh. Decent episode, just like any glee was moving, but like I said...just like their many episodes.


Greg: I miss Emma too!!


Glecer: I think they're going for a Sam-Santana team up as per Ryan Murphy and I'm actually up for it. I didn't like the idea at first but this episode made me change my mind.


Katuray: You are soo back! Hehe. And I noticed that too! Finn looked older than usual. I don't know.


Vincent: Couldn't agree with you more. The episode is good but it'll get lost in the shuffle when one asks what's your favorite Glee episode. Hehe.

katuray said...

so what is ur favorite glee episode? ;)


Katuray: That's tough. I loved last season's Finale. I was an emotional wreck after that episode. Haha.

greg said...

I watched glee with my mom once and she told me, are they college studs? haha...I guess Finn is just too tall to be in HS? I dunno, or maybe it's just my mom. My cousins from san francisco told me "they looked perfectly normal American HS studs"...=)

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