Friday, February 25, 2011

American Idol 10: Other Top 24 Finalists Revealed

.. and we now have American Idol Season 10 Top 24! That was fast. Seriously.

This episode was actually handled quite impressively. I loved the fact that everyone that's part of the Top 24 - including fodders - were featured tonight and I was pleasantly surprised with the talent this season got. No, it sure didn't change my mind that much, but I think Season 10 started out so much better than last year. I think we're going to be treated to a very entertaining season.

I'm not quite sure if this will hit Season 7 or Season 5's level of amazingness, but the talent is evenly spread like a perfect spread of butter on a piece of toast. Delicious.

Also, I'll have my usual post about the Top 24 in the next coming days! Stay tuned..

Anyway, here's my review on the people who got featured on today's episode:

DISCLAIMER: None as of this moment. Haha. 

Karen Rodriguez
Wow. I'm starting to like Karen. She sounded gorgeous in Spanish, and her stripped down version of Jennifer Lopez' If You Had My Love was actually quite beautiful. I also think she's adorable. IN

Robbie Rosen
Robbie is definitely one of the front-runners this season. I mean, he was consistent since his audition up until his last performance before the Top 24 announcement. His version of Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word was really cool and I loved how slow, quiet and soft it was. One to watch! He reminds me of David Archuleta, for some reason. IN

Tatynisa Wilson
I like her. I've seen a couple of his videos prior to the show and she's a great performer. Unfortunately, I doubt she'll make it far after the show kept on showing her messing up during Hollywood week. Sad. IN

Brittany Mazur OUT

Jimmie Allen OUT

Tim Halperin
If Tim Urban and Elliott Yamin have a love child,, that's Tim Halperin right there. Haha. I admit, I didn't care for his audition but he really impressed me especially his Beatles performance. Not a big fan of his original song, but I think he's great. IN

Julie Zorrilla
I found her audition awfully affected but just like his duet partner, Tim Halperin, she really impressed me during Hollywood week. I think she has an impressive control to her voice and she plays piano. Looking like Lea Michele isn't so bad either. Yes, she seems too pageanty with her annoying dresses, but I think she really has the potential to be a good recording artist. I just wonder why she got Lady Gaga's song after? Haha. IN

Scott McCreery
"Baby lock them doors and turn the lights down low". Haha. Well, I have to say that his final performance was quite impressive - and I don't even like country music. That said, I really don't think Scott needs Idol. Some Nashville label will swoop in and sign him with that kind of sound. IN

John Wayne Shulz OUT

Jovanny Barreto
I've yet to be impressed by Jovany. He's definitely not one of the best guys and I honestly think John Wayne ore even Jerome Bell deserved his spot. He just screams canoon fodder to me. Oh, and he needs to smile more. That constant scowl makes him look really grouchy. Just saying. IN

Lauren Turner
More than any of the others, Lauren Turner gives off a rocker vibe. I kind of like her, I think she has a great voice, but like I've said she's a bit forgettable to me. Wait, is all that heair really hers? Haha. IN

Tiwan Strong OUT

Eryn Kelly OUT

Rachel Zevita
OUTSTANDING! I think I just found one of the people I'll be rooting for. Rachel's made me remember why I liked her Season 6 audition so much, she has got a really cool edge to her voice. Plus, her range is pretty astounding. She kind of reminds me Siobhan Magnus. IN

Kendra Chantelle
I kind of like Kendra. I love her softer voice and her transitions are really nice. I just she think she needs to open up more. She seems so reserved and a little cold. IN

Jordan Dorsey
Jordan is so mediocre. If you're gonna be a d*ck, at least be good. That is all. IN

Lauren Alaina
What is up with her outfit? She looks like Miss Piggy! Haha. Ok, that's mean, but whatever! Haha. Again, she went with another repeat performance, and although I find her voice realy good, the fact that she's been shoved into our faces every episode makes me want to punch her face. Plus, she just lost all the 'girl next door' appeal that she had when she auditioned with that ridiculous dress. Help me!! IN

Stefano Langone
I'm really pulling for Stefano. I think he has such a sweet spirit and his voice is pretty good. Not the best, but good enough. Plus, his final song was actually quite decent. IN

Jackie Wilson OUT

Jacob Lusk
Truth be told, if I was creating a choir group, this guy wouls be my first pick. But I'm not, so whatever. HAHA. I think he's good, but the oversinging is a bit annoying and exhausting. Oh, and his version of God Bless The Child is the best single performance on Idol EVER? Really Randy? Does he not remember Kristy Lee Cook's Eight Days A Week? Haha. They just moved him up into the "overrated" category, in my opinion. NEXT! IN

Pia Toscano
Pia, to me, is technically almost a perfect singer. Her pitch is always spot on, her tone is good and that range is pretty impressive. Her rendition of Alicia Keys' Doesn't Mean Anything was amazing. Plus, she looks gorgeous. IN

James Durbin
I'm so sick of him already. No comment. IN

Casey Abrams
Casey is officially awesome! Haha. He's not my type of artist, but I like his personality and his musicality is impeccable. I have nothing more to say aside from, Casey is all kinds of awesome. There! IN

Thia Megia
Ok. Here's the thing - and I know I'll probably get some flack for this - I really think Thia is quite boring. Her version of You Raise Me Up was awesome without her usual weird phrasing, but it just didn't do anything for me. She's like Ramiele Malubay, good voice but boring. She needs to lighten up a bit, she's 15 for crying out loud! IN

Jessica Cunningham OUT

Brett Loewenstern
I didn't think his final performance was good, but I still like him. He's been sinking in my estimation though. And for the amount of screentime he’s had, I just don’t feel like Brett has done much in terms of scoring a fanbase. IN

Jacee Badeaux OUT

Colton Dixon OUT


Aaron Vincent said...

WHAT?!? Robbie is one of the obvious fodders. I'm proud of Thia but she's not THAT good, really. She puts the capital B in Boring.

It certainly won't beat AI7. We've already seen in american idol what these top 24 can show. I kind of hate it that the producers are kind of hyping the girl finalist too much. It's season 9 all over again. "The girls this season are really strong." They are desperate to have a female winner. Proven by 3 previous seasons, it's not those singers that can belt high notes wins or make it to the finals. It is those who have individuality. By that, we can remove 3/4 of these contestants already.

PS. You posted the same photo for the two LAURENS.


Aaron: It's relative. I don't think Robbie is a fodder. But we may agree to disagree on that because I really think he's one of the strongest male vocalists this season.

Now, while I agree that they are desperate for a girl winner, I honestly think that this season has a strong group of girls - far way better than Season 9 and even Season 8.

I also don't think individuality was the reason why Cook, Allen and DeWyze won their respective seasons. Yes, they all are talented to last really long, but the simple fact that the demographics of American Idol since Season 7 were mostly young teens to cougars really helped them in the competition. Heck, I don't think Lee DeWyze has that certain individuality you're talking about. He has a personality of an oyster and he could easily get lost in the shuffle of singer-songwriters. David Archuleta isn't as distinct as well. If it's all about individuality, Crystal Bowersox should've won or Lily Scott should've lasted longer, but NO! Instead, we got Aaron Kelly and Casey James.

Season 9 failed because there were too many of the same thing. No diversity whatsoever. Didi, Crystal, Lily, Katelyn, Lacey and maybe Siobhan all went the indie route and cancelled each other out. But then again, I have to say that the girls last season were clearly better than the guys.

Diversity is what makes a season good - Season 7 and Season 5. But I think, talent (no matter if you could belt it out or not) and luck is what makes a winner. But that's just me.

Robbie said...

^ Bakit niyo ako pinag-uusapan? Pinaghirapan ko din naman makapasok sa Top 24 no. Nakakasakit kayo ng feelings.


Robbie: HAHAHA!

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