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Glee Season 2: Blame It On The Alcohol Episode Review

Blame It On The Alcohol
Season 2, Episode 14

Yes, the storyline of the show is getting more ridiculous and not improving over time, but I have to say that this was exactly what the show needed - to loosen up! I accept this show as a comedy, and in that regard I somehow liked this episode.

Overall, I kind of felt like this was a whole lot of nothing, but it had me laughing so hard and somehow, I'd rather see the show focus on the cast instead of the tiring themed episodes. So, this was just right up my alley. Fun. Pure. Simple. Oh, and the one-liners were AWESOME! Haha.


- Rachel's party was all sorts of awesome. The writing down to the editing was absolutely brilliant. I loved Rachel as a clueless host of the party and I loved it when Finn pointed out the different types of drunk girls. Ha! It was perfectly acted by everyone. Santana, in particular, was so damn convincing. Haha.

- Finn being the designated driver along with Kurt was kind of refeshing. I appreciated that brotherly bond.

- True, I hated idea of Santana and Sam at first, but they were so funny together in this episode. Who knew?

- I'm not going to lie, but I seriously found the Rachel - Blaine team up quite adorable.

- I was shocked that both Rachel and Finn acknowledged their past relationship without angst in their choir room scene, I liked that.

- Rachel's outfit during her own house party was hysterical. I died laughing. I'd say her dress was a character in itself. HAHA. Nothing more to say.

- I was pleasantly surprised that Finn and Quinn didn't act like idiots anymore. I mean, Quinn seemed really hurt when she was looking at both Santana and Sam. I guess, she really did like Sam. Too bad.

- Mr. Figgins' KE-Dollar Sign-HA (Ke$ha) was hilarious. Haha.


- The dynamics between Kurt and Rachel - with regards to Blaine - was a bit awkward. Yes, I was thrilled that they didn't go ballistic at each other just because they're fighting over the same guy, but it was just too weird. I don't know.

- I get it, Will and Beiste are really good friends and I actually think Shannon Beiste is pretty awesome. That said, their scenes together in this episode just didn't do anything to me. Sad.

- What greatly irked me was how Will Schuester’s drinking was handled. I didn’t find much out of the ordinary until he got home and started grading papers while drinking. I mean, come on!! Plus, the scene where Sue played Will's message over the PA system just didn't sit with me that well. I understand this show was a lot of fluff, but SERIOUSLY?!


MY HEADBAND was hysterical. I didn't expect this. Really. The melody was actually quite nice and it has potential to be good, but of course the context was absolutely lunatic. Oh, Rachel you never fail to amuse me. Haha.

DON'T YOU WANT ME BABY was a great duet. It was fun, carefree and I really found drunk Blaine and Rachel adorable. If only Blaine isn't gay.. I would totally rally behind this team-up. Really.

BLAME IT (ON THE ALCOHOL). Fantastic. I expected the context to be something else, but this was really good. The lighting was a brilliant touch, the wardrobe was great and the choreography kicked a*s. I didn't like that they continued drinking, but whatever. Ha!

ONE BOURBON, ONE SCOTCH, ONE BEER was cute. I didn't expect the setting, but it totally made sense. Oh, and Beiste's singing voice was a pleasant surprise. That is all.

TIK TOK. Just from Figgins' introduction alone, this number was destined to be EPIC! Haha. It was fun, flirty, and the choreography was awesome. I also think Brittany owned it! Heck, her version is even better than KE-Dollar Sign-HA's. Too bad, they weren't able to finish the number though. Ha!

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katuray said...

rachel's "party outfit" was insane! horribly funny!!! ;)

as far as kurt and blaine are concerned, less exposure, please! and personally, i think kurt shd back off a little bit.. his "obsession" on blaine is starting to get really annoying.

and yeah, figgin's had his moments on this epi. ;)

katuray said...

oh, btw, great review... as always! ;)

Aaron Vincent said...

This episode's title should be changed to "AUTOTUNES". I'm not just talking about the songs here. The characters too felt fabricated. There's no REAL quality to them. Everything felt forced --heck, even the making outs and drunkness was too forced. The patheticness of the characters has been going on since the superbowl episode. It doesn't help that the acting, save Kurt's, was all over the place. Glee has lost its magic. If this stupid writing continues until the last episode, this will be the last Glee season I will watch.


Katuray: Haha. Yes, Rachel's dress was, as you say, horribly funny.

As for Kurt and Blaine, I think their exposure this week was just about right. I didn't see them last week, so this is fine with me. :)


Katuray: Oh, and yeah. Thanks! :)


Aaron: I agree. Glee is slowly making me lose interest. I hope they'll go back to their original form. The show is becoming more of a gimmick than an actual series. :|

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