Friday, February 25, 2011

Movie Review: I Am Number Four

Look, it's pretty dumb to expect a fine cinematic piece with I Am Number Four. I mean, there was virtually nothing original about this film, the pacing was awful, the plot got that tired typical teen drama - this time with aliens - and the script was a bit sketchy. But since my standards were braced for the obvious shortcomings of any movie from this vein, I have to say that I was appropriately pleased.

I think films under this genre will survive with just a cool special effects, attractive people and enough of a story line to hold them together. And yes, this film managed to have just that. On a technical standpoint, it really delivered. I thought the visual effects were carried off brilliantly throughout the film, the soundtrack was eclectic but fairly interesting and the action scenes - especially in the final act - were pretty solid. True, the action was sparse until the end, but it was well worth the wait, I think.

The acting performances were also surprisingly decent, consistent and believable. I actually found most of the characters quite charming. Alex Pettyfer was good, and so was Dianna Agron - although she mumbled A LOT. Together, they were adequate, if not entirely convincing, as the teen sweethearts in this action adventure. But I admit, that it was Teresa Palmer who got me all giddy like an idiot as soon as she started kicking a satisfying amount of rampage. Ha! Such a bad a*s!

Now, the only real weakness that seriously bothered me was the cheesy villains. Frankly, I NEVER really saw them as a serious threat to the main characters. Tell me, if these weird looking tall beings had no powers - aside from their weirdly looking guns - why were they such a threat? They were so deadly, but why then did Number 4 and Number 6 fight back with nearly no fear, and bested their foes? Strange.

Overall, I Am Number Four was pretty typical. It was fairly easy to see what was coming, but I was kept entertained throughout. I can also say that the positive things I mentioned - good visual effects, charming characters and impressive final act - have, for the most part, salvaged the film. I'm happy to say, the movie wasn't horrible. Better than Jumper, I must say.

RATING: 6/10


Mark said...

For me, this is like X-men.

I don't like movies where they put a girl (like Number 6) character trying to be tough with all this way of rough talking... and walking cool like a model with a house exploding from behind in slow-mo... Talk about recycled ideas...


Mark: So, you didn't like the existence of Number 6?

Mark said...

i think her existence is crucial, but they could've given her a different personality. Her's was trying to be tough like lara croft or michelle rodriguez and all... or they could've casted someone else.


Mark: Wait, so was it the way her character was written or the actor herself? HAHA

Nelvieee said...

This movie was based on a book by Pittacus Lore. I'd say they didn't give the book justice. The movie was clearly intended to just please the teen demographic (but it sure didn't impress me). The Mogadorians (the bad guys) were meant to be vicious and deadly (they almost killed Number Four and his friends!). They're supposed to be feared, not butt-kicked so easily!

I also didn't think that they paid attention to the dialogues that much. It's all unbelievable and action-movie-cheesy action all throughout. What a big waste of a potentially good storyline.

Note: Still fan of the book though, and I'll definitely wait for the sequel. As for this movie's sequel, if there ever will be one, I don't think so.

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