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Glee Season 2: Comeback Episode Review

Season 2, Episode 13

Hmm.. Where to begin? Well, I didn't hate it - that's for sure - but I didn't love it as well. I honestly thought that the episode wasn't cohesive or really coherent at all. Nothing made sense to me, and they only seemed to tie everything together by saying "comeback" more than once.

There were obviously some hits and misses here and there, so let me get right to it.


- Rachel Berry! I'm seriously enjoying her return to form. On some levels, it's quite refreshing to see who she once used to be. I liked how she brought up the original song issue, and that no one believed her until Sue revealed the plot twist - it develops a plot and remains consistent with her character. Truly, Rachel Berry cracks me up, makes me feel sorry for her, and makes me kind of dislike her all at once. It's awesome! Haha.

- Brittany and Santana looked seriously sexy since they're out of the Cheerios uniforms! PLEASE keep it that way. Haha.

- I cheered for Santana in this episode. Way I see it, she got her just desserts with the fight last week and now she's free to do good or be good at doing evil, which ever. Oh, and she had like an exorcism of witty lines in the library scene with Sam.

- I'm convinced that Sam was just about the most adorkable person ever. He was, for the first time since Duets, interesting. 

- I kind of like the story between Rachel and Brittany. I thought it was hysterical in most parts. It's a bit silly but it added much needed humor in this episode.

- I loved that the writers were deliberately making fun of Justin Bieber in a way that's too subtle for the tweens - yes, his target audience - to notice, but not too subtle for jaded viewers like me. Haha.


- Sorry, but I'm really tired of the whole let's make Sue human storyline. Even their visit to the hospital left me a bit cold - it just felt hurried and forced. No, it wasn't so much a bad thing, but it's starting to get a little preachy. To me, the only saving grace of this was when Sue said, "I will never forgive you for this." to Will. It was a great line right there.

- Ok. I thought it was weird to not have any Kurt at all. I admit, while I complained about too much of him before, I greatly missed his presence in this episode! Yes, I did not like Kurt-centric episodes that much, but at the same time, I don’t like no Kurt at all. Just saying.

- I loved Lauren Zizes last week, but not so much in this episode. Writers could have gone in a great direction with her fear of performing, but instead we are given a terrible song and the constant innuendo of her character. It did provide some laughs, but moreso in the awkward category than the humor category.

- Finn Hudson!! Sure, I almost forgave him when he said, "You guys are aware that Justin Bieber sucks." but then he again just lost all my sympathy when he started asking Quinn out. Really? Finn was a solidly written character during the first half of this season. He was easy to relate to and it made sense for him to have all of these problems. Now, he's just a complete douche. Oh, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but I hate him now more than Will Schuester.


BABY was hilarious. Yes, I noticed how Sam was lacking in the dance department - he seemed a little wonky during this sequence - but I find it hysterical that the dance moves he pulled during this performance were just some random moves pasted together from the original video. This time, only exaggerated like nobody's business. Haha.

SOMEBODY TO LOVE. This was pretty much a copy of the original music video complete with, yet again, the exaggerated dance moves. Haha. I found the whole performance entertaining and the setup quite brilliant. The kicker is that the guys start throwing either flour or powder around all of a sudden for no apparent reason. 

TAKE ME OR LEAVE ME. The was amazing!! It was everything I thought it would be and more. I mean, when was the last time we really saw Mercedes perform anything? Ha! Plus, Rachel's diva singing face has never been stronger.

I KNOW WHAT BOYS LIKE. Not sure what I think of Lauren Zizes’ singing - if you can even really call that singing as she mostly talked the song - but this number was almost entertaining. Not as hilarious as I'd like it to be, but good enough.

SING. Minus the very random plaid costume of the kids, this number was, technically, really great. It was well sung and fun. I also like that Sue was part of this. The context of the performance was meaningless, as far as I'm concern though. I don't believe any of kids really get the message of the song. They are still back stabbing each other left and right. Friendships and relationships are in ruins. When they sing songs about uniting and rising above hate, it just makes me want to roll my eyes. Ha!

Download music HERE.
Download episode HERE.


Robbie said...

The song Lauren sang is really supposed to be like that.

Robbie said...

The underwear scene turned me on I had to pause to see Mike Chang's undie scene. Bwahahahahaha!

Will said...

Sucks. I haven't watched the previous epi yet so I didn't watch this one.

katuray said...

three things that i really liked in this episode:

puckerman's justin bieber hairstyle! he looked both stupid and funny.

the fluorescent lamps fixture they used on the "somebody to love" nbr.

finn's power rangers t-shirt! ;)


Robbie: I know that the song is supposed to be like that, pero I don't know. There's something missing in her vocals - personality maybe?

And LOL at you pausing to see Mike Chang in his underwear! :P


Will: Download it now!!


Katuray: Interesting. I noticed Finn's power rangers tshirt too! Haha.

Jim said...

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Jim: I'm kind of excited for the next episode myself. Thanks. :)

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