Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Glee Music 2: Silly Love Songs

Here are the songs for another episode this week, Silly Love Songs, which will air February 8, 2011 (US). Apparently, this is Glee's Valentine's Day episode. Nice.

Well, these are a pretty interesting mix of songs. I don't know if I like all of them but there are a couple of standouts. Oh, and not that I'm actually expecting anything will change, but I'm still pathetically sad that Tina's version of My Funny Valentine isn't getting released. Sigh.

Fat Bottomed Girl
I honestly think that Puck's voice fits the song perfectly, but there seems to be a lot of instruments playing that it almost drowned out his vocals. I don't know. It's decent, to say the least. 7/10

Rachel's version of the song could've been much better, but I think this is good enough. I think the problem I have with this cover version is that there's too much of an emphasis on the vowels that are kind of weird to me. As much as I love Rachel Berry's voice, Katy Perry just fits the song for some reason - maybe the quirky charm? She, however, did a nice job with belting though. 8/10

P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing)
Not a fan of Artie but this is amazing! Seriously. Nobody else is better suited to sing Michael Jackson than Artie, I believe. He killed the song! Good job. 9/10

Silly Love Songs
Although the a capella arrangement of the song sounds really good and the fact that they managed to spice up as song, this song just really didn't do anything for me. I got bored with it. Sorry. 6/10

When I Get You Alone
I love Robin Thicke and I love this song. Now, despite the fact that I'm a bit iffy that the Warblers are getting so much attention from the writers than, say, Mercedes or Tina, I actually find their version of this song to be really good. Blaine is absolutely rockin' this song. 9/10

(all 5 songs)


Anonymous said...

Are these the iTunes versions??

Robbie said...

Lea Michele's voice doesn't have the grit and punch to sing songs by Katy Perry or Paramore.


Anonymous: These are not yet the iTunes version but the quality is virtually the same, I think. But, I'll post them once they are available.


Robbie: True. She just sings too precise that's fit for showtunes. That said, I like her version of Only Exception

Anonymous said...

Well still I guess you take them as it comes. It's their interpretation of the song, how they see it fits with themselves. It's good seeing them perform songs that seem from the publics eye quite a challenge. Because I wouldn't be caught singing half the songs, they sing.


Anonymous: I agree.

Anonymous said...

now are these the itunes verisons?


Anonymous: Yes!

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