Sunday, February 27, 2011

Glee Music 2: Get It Right and Loser Like Me (Original Songs)

Well, here are the songs New Directions will perform in the upcoming Regionals episode, which will air three weeks from now (Episode 16). These songs are, yes, original tunes and I'm interested to see if the Glee kids can finally produce a bonafide radio hit. I mean, the covers they usually release sell a lot of downloads in the first couple of days after an episode airs, but disappear pretty quickly.

That said, I'm doubtful if this will actually be a big hit - moderate success, maybe - and I'll tell you why.

Get It Right
Yes, this is kind of a paint by numbers ballad. Rachel sounds gorgeous in this song and I think it's actually quite pretty, if a bit generic. It isn't Don't Rain On My Parade caliber, but it's a sight closer than any other Rachel solo that we've had this season, I think. 8/10

Loser Like Me
I'm not a fan of this YET - just because I think this will grow on me eventually. But for now, it's a bit cheesy for my taste - I think this song would appeal to High School Musical fans. Haha. I admit that the tune is really catchy but when everybody chimes in, the song becomes a bit juvenile and awkward. To be honest, I still prefer the Journey medley or even Valerie over this. Oh, and I don't think Rachel has a voice for pop radio. Just saying. 7/10


Robbie said...

Pernes! The songs aren't bad, although it does get a little HSM sa Loser like Me. I just hope they cut all the theme crap and give us shows with substance. I'm not asking for them to always play with the storyline in every episode, but they need to stop what they're doing right now.


Robbie: I agree!! They need to go back to where they actually started.

katuray said...

while it is true that Get It Right is not as powerful as DROMP, i'm just dying to know the story behind it.. i like the song because i think it will definitely highlight the growth of rachel's character on the show.

as for Loser Like Me.. yes, it's a bit cheesy! at parang feel ko nga mag-"GO WILDCATS!" pagtapos nung song. but i must say that i kinda like it (lalo na siguro pag naglilinis ako ng bahay. LOL) and i think it's the PERFECT anthem for ND. (i just hope na walang karofsky angle na naman when they air this epi)


katuray: Get It Right is growing on me. I find the lyrics really beautiful. It fits Rachel's character perfectly.

I'm also warming up to Loser Like Me. I still don't like the breakdown part but it's pretty nice overall. I'm not sure though if this is enought to merit a win at the Regionals.

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