Saturday, February 26, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 12 Boys Song Spoilers

Yes, this year's semifinals isn't live - unlike Season 8 and Season 9 - and the taping for this show was done a couple of hours ago. So obviously, we already have the song spoilers for next episode with a couple of tidbits from the actual taping. Oh, and it's interesting, believe me!

Read at your own risk!!

Songs and Performance Order

1. Clint Jun Gamboa - Superstition Stevie Wonder
2. Jovany Barreto - I'll Be Edwin McCain
3. Jordan Dorsey - OMG Usher
4. Tim Halperin - Streetcorner Symphony Rob Thomas
5. Brett Loewenstern - Light My Fire The Doors
6. James Durbin - You Got Another Thing Comin’ Judas Priest
7. Robbie Rosen - In the Arms of An Angel Sarah MacLachlan
8. Scotty McCreery - Letters From Home John Michael Montgomery
9. Stefano Langone -  Just The Way You Are Bruno Mars
10. Paul McDonald - Maggie Mae Rod Stewart
11. Jacob Lusk - House Is Not A Home Luther Vandross
12. Casey Abrams - I Put A Spell On You Creedence Clearwater Revival

Now, according to Brittany Keener who attended the taping, here are a couple of interesting tidbits:
  • Jovanny Barretto sang the song twice after the judges left! Apparently, his second performance will be the one to be aired. Nigel Lythgoe (executive producer) was sitting in the judges' seat during the 2nd performance.
  • Jennifer and Steven BOTH cried after Jacob Lusk’s performance.
  • Paul McDonald, Jacob Lusk and Casey Abrams got Standing Ovations.
  • Paul McDonald made use of the stage. Quirky
  • After Jordan Dorsey sang OMG and the judges said, "This is not you…this isn’t you”. He replied, "the song was offered to me so I sang it.”
  • Brett Loewenstern awkward on stage but in a good way.
  • Tim Halperin did not get good responses from the judges. According to them, "Not you, don’t know if it’s going to get you through".
  • Nigel Lythgoe makes his presence known
  • It’s like a legit stage now. It’s pretty awesome. 
  • Casey Abrams didn’t come out at first with the boys. He seemed exhausted and went backstage a few times. Did not affect his performance though.  Ryan Seacrest mentioned that he was ill.
  • Full audience. 700 people!
  • Ryan doesn’t mention that people can already vote through Facebook.  He said the voting was at the Idol site.
  • The band is to the left of the stage. They are visible.
  • Stefano Langone struggled with some of the high notes singing Bruno Mars.
  • Robbie Rosen was definitely nervous and had mic issues, so he had to start over. Randy called him pitchy and Jennifer Lopez said he told a story.
  • Ryan gave Steven a bleep sign to use when he needs to say colorful words. No F-Bombs - but I think he used the sign once.
  • There was a Simon comment: Randy gave Robbie Rosen a bad critique and his grandma wasn’t happy. Randy blamed it on the chair’s previous owner.
From the looks of it, Jacob Lusk, James Durbin, Casey Abrams and Paul McDonald did great. I'm doubtful if I'll enjoy Jacob and James oversinging, but we'll see. I'm still hoping for Tim Halperin, Robbie Rosen and Stefano Langone to be in the Top 13.


Anonymous said...

bakit parang kulang si casey sa picture? wala lang Na-OC lang.. :D


Anonymous: Casey Abrams was rushed to the hospital a couple of days ago because severe stomach pain. He was almost disqualified for this because he had to undergo blood transfusion on the the of the taping. Good thing, he was released just before the show started and went on to have a couple of rehearsals.

Source HERE.

Will said...

Looking forward to McDonald's performance. Sad that he wasn't given much attention on Hollywood week.

gddepadua said...

haha. abdominal pains daw ni casey e, pero i heard galing daw niya.


Will: I'm surprised many people actually like Paul McDonald. Hmmm.


Gerard: Yeah. I heard that too. :D

katuray said...

mukhang naisalba na ang AI sa season na ito.. at maganda ung line-up ng 24 semis.

at ang daming belters this season, huh. pero kabog ang lahat kay jacob lusk! lol!

si james durbin, pasaway din ang high notes (parang TH maging adam lambert) eeewwww

at sana panindigan na nila na wala ng instruments sa performances sa buong season.

Fidel Antonio Medel said...

If James Durbin and Jacob Lusk do not stop oversinging, I'll slit their throats. Nakakabingi. Hindi na sila entertaining. On the other hand, Casey Abrams is soooo entertaining. He's my favorite right now.


katuray: Hahaha. You're funny! About the instruments, they just didn't allow it for the semifinals because it's a sudden death type of elimination.


Fidan: I couldn't agree with you more. They should just stop screaming at us! What have we done to deserve all the screaming? Haha

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