Thursday, October 31, 2013

Movie Review: Thor: The Dark World

While I enjoyed its predecessor, I figured that Thor: The Dark World would end up simply being just another addition to the series and another reason for me to look forward to The Avengers sequel, but this one more than held its own against the other Marvel films sequel to come out in recent years. Sure, the narrative was incredibly intricate with a lot of things going on in its story, but it never felt convoluted. The visual effects were wonderful, the pacing was good, and the acting performances were superb, especially from Tom Hiddleston. I loved the perfectly timed humor on the film, and of course, the action sequences were outstanding. The villain was a bit generic and one note, but I digress. Thor: The Dark World pulled out all the stops and delivered one heavy punch after another, staying wildly entertaining for more than two hours and restoring my faith in the quality of superhero movies - particularly for a sequel. 9


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