Friday, October 4, 2013

X Factor US 3: 4 Chair Challenge (Girls)

I want to see some teen girl meltdowns like Rachel Crow and Beatrice Miller! Haha. Plus, begging and crying to be in Demi's Top 4! Haha. Of course, I'm kidding, but with this new format, it's almost inevitable! Also, did they edit out all of Paulina's incomprehensible comments? I thought that was pretty funny when I almost forgot that there was actually a fourth judge. Haha.

Bree Randall
Glad You Came
I did like her song choice, but this just went nowhere and her vocals were shaky in parts. I don't know. I wasn't sold. 5 SEAT ELIMINATED in favor of Simone Torres

Khaya Cohen
Locked Out Of Heaven
There were moments especially towards the end where I hated how she sounded, but the verses were actually pretty spectacular - reminded me of Amy Winehouse's tone and phrasing. If she could work on that, she'd be unstoppable, but for now, I'm a bit mixed on her chances. 6.5 SEAT

Jamie Pineda
Don't Speak
Eh. There's something very whiny about Jamie's tone. Not a fan and when she switched to Spanish, I felt being tricked as I don't know what she was singing. Haha. 5.5 SEAT ELIMINATED in favor of Ellona Santiago

Ashly Williams
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
I wanted to die when I heard her song choice! This song again? Good thing, she sounded relatively good and probably one of the few contestants who showed emotion in her delivery. That said, I wasn't moved by it though technically decent. 7 SEAT ELIMINATED in favor of Rion Paige

Simone Torres
A Change Is Gonna Come
WHAT AN AWFUL ARRANGEMENT! What was she thinking? I was hoping she'd kill it as I was obsessed with her live audition, but how she reworked the arrangement was pure strange. I was still intrigued by her tone more than anyone, but her song choice did her in. 5 SEAT ELIMINATED in favor of Danielle Geimer

Danielle Geimer
Georgia On My Mind
She had rough moments, but I can overlook it as this was actually pretty good. There's grit and lilting quality to her voice that I love and she's unassuming. I have a funny feeling she could go far in this competition if handled well by Demi. 7.5 SEAT

Rylie Brown
I agree with Demi. This was very pageant-like performance and didn't get anything from it other than the fact that she could carry a tune. 5.5 ELIMINATED

Primrose Martin
Blame It On The Boogie
Maybe we could blame it on you Primirose? Haha. Enough said. 3 ELIMINATED

Rion Paige
I Won't Let Go
I thought her audition was bland and completely generic and while this one was better, I feel like Rion is getting sympathy props because of her situation and I HOPE that's not how the voting goes. We don't need another Lazaro Arbos - yes, Rion has more talent, but I don't think she's anything special. 6.5 SEAT 

Ellona Santiago
Her performance wasn't as strong as her live audition, but I don't understand why Demi gave her a hard time - to a point where Ellona had to beg - just to give her a seat she, arguably, earned. She's definitely better than half of these girls despite oversinging. Ugh. 7 SEAT

Khaya Cohen
Danielle Geimer
Rion Paige
Ellona Santiago


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