Thursday, October 3, 2013

X Factor US 3: 4 Chair Challenge (Over 25)

Not going to lie, but seriously LOVED the new format. I never liked the Boot Camp rounds and I actually enjoyed the fact that these contestants were back in front of a live audience. This gimmick would have been better though if these acts weren't outright bad or mediocre. One thing I didn't like about it though was the constant begging from the contestants. It's tacky!

Oh, as for Kelly Rowland's choices, I thought she picked mostly the right people, and she's probably one of my best judges on any reality singing competition ever. She's honest without being mean, and she's just fun to watch!

Victoria Carriger
To Make You Feel My Love
There's a rasp in her tone that's very interesting and there's an intensity in her delivery. Not sure if she's a clear stand out though as I find her personality a little bland. 6 SEAT ELIMINATED in favor of Jeff Brinkman

Kristine Mirelle
Oops I Did It Again
TERRIBLE. I hated the arrangement and her vocals were awful. What was this? 2 SEAT ELIMINATED in favor of Lorie Moore

Jeff Gutt
Amazing Grace
Why did I feel like his voice didn't suit the song that well? There's too much growl for this delicate song. Sure, his vocals were solid, but I honestly didn't get it. It's like Bon Jovi went Gospel. Haha. 5 SEAT

Rachel Potter
Rough. She started out well and I really felt like the song choice was pretty bold, but when she tried to hit those high notes, everything just went downhill. What happened? 5.5 SEAT

Lorie Moore
I'll Make Love To You
I can't deny the fact that Lorie can sing, but her version of this Boyz II Men tune was boring. I don't know. I was a little underwhelmed. Oh, but the way she attacked Kristine and Rachel was epic! Haha. 6 SEAT ELIMINATED in favor of Lillie McCloud

Allison Davis
Tik Tok
STRANGE. Good for Kelly for shutting down Simon's trashing of Allison! 2 ELIMINATED

Jeff Brinkman
Without You
Lazy phrasing. Interesting tone. Zero star appeal. 5 SEAT ELIMINATED in favor of James Kenney

Denny Smith
Midnight Hour
What did I just watch? OMG! Santa Claus could sing, but there's NO WAY he can win this. No one will take him seriously and no, I'm not being mean. 4 ELIMINATED

James Kenney
Lean On Me
Possibly one of the few stronger performances of Kelly's group. This was actually really good. I intially had problems with his song choice, but he made me like everything. Plus, he's undeniably very charismatic. 8 SEAT

Lillie McCloud
A House Is Not A Home
She killed it! Yes, her vocal stylings and phrasing seemed more suitable for a musical - just like Lorie Moore - than a current pop or r&b type of music, but how can you not give her credit for sounded probably the best out of Kelly's group. 8.5 SEAT

OVER 25s
Jeff Gutt
Rachel Potter
James Kenney
Lillie McCloud


Shawn Jang said...

I thought Kelly made the right final 4.

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