Friday, October 11, 2013

X Factor US 3: 4 Chair Challenge (Groups)

This was A LOT better than yesterday's atrocity! I thought most of the groups delivered mediocre to good performances - so that's saying a lot no? And I can see potential in Simon's category to be honest. I doubted his power last year with Fifth Harmony and Emblem3 and looked at how they've come now. So we'll see.

Girls United
Tonight Is The Night
Look, they may not have the best vocals, but they worked the stage pretty well, they were entertaining, and the harmonies were alright. Plus, they have the X Factor! Enough said. 7 SEAT ELIMINATED in favor of Alex and Sierra

Wild Thingz
Party Rock Anthem
WTF! 0 SEAT ELIMINATED in favor of Sweet Suspense

Cups (When I'm Gone)
The arrangement was so awful, I already forgot how they sounded. Haha. 4 SEAT ELIMINATED in favor of Forever In Your Mind

Restless Road
Love Somebody Like You
A few rough spots, but I do have to admit that I kind of liked this group. Their harmonies were pretty solid albeit uneven, but I have no doubt Simon will push them to no ends. They're like the 'Country Direction'. Haha. 7.5 SEAT

Sweet Suspense
Wishing On A Star
It started a little shaky, but when they hit the chorus, everything sounded fantastic - especially when Millie took over the lead vocals. Their harmonies were tight and I thought they looked gorgeous. 7.5 SEAT

Yellow House Canyon
Hell On Heels
They sounded good for the most part - and probably better than most of the boys! Haha - but then, I don't think they're easily marketable for some reason. I don't know. 5 ELIMINATED

Forever In Your Mind
Love Bug
What's up with the name? Haha. To be honest, Emery should've been part of the Boys category - he has more potential and star power than ALL of the guys that POWlina put through yesterday. It was stupid to put him in this group. Ugh. 5.5 SEAT ELIMINATED in favor of Roxxy Montana

Good News
Wrong song choice. This just highlighted the flaws in their vocals. Sad. 6 ELIMINATED

Alex and Sierra
You're The One That I Want
Sure, they maybe a little too cutesy, but they sounded AMAZING. I liked how they made the song sound folksy and their harmonies were sublime. Possibly one of my favorite acts this season. 8 SEAT

Roxxy Montana
Man In The Mirror
They sounded great, but I don't see them lasting for some reason. 6.5 SEAT

Restless Road
Sweet Suspense
Alex and Sierra
Roxxy Montana


dizzygirl said...

i wish Alex and Sierra joined the voice instead so i can stop watching this horrible horrible season

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