Monday, October 28, 2013

X Factor Australia 5: Finale

.. and we're finally here. Wow. I honestly didn't know I'll be able to blog an entire season of the X Factor Australia. I've been following this show for a couple of seasons now and this is the first time I posted something about it.

Now, while I'm not necessarily ecstatic with this Final 3 - I wanted Third D3gree to be there instead of Jai - almost everyone delivered some fine performances. Even the winner's single showcase was better than expected.

So, how did the finalists do? Here we go, for the last time!

Audition Song

3. Dami Im
This is not to say that her version was terrible. In fact, she sounded good, but the two boys somehow outperformed her on this round. This was just pure karaoke goodness and that's about it. 6.5

2. Jai Waetford
Don't Let Me Go
This is probably one of his better performances of the entire season. Of course, that doesn't say a lot, but I think he's more comfortable singing his own original songs no? It's believable and he could very well be a recording artist.. probably after five years. 7

1. Taylor Henderson
Some Nights
Fantastic! He sounded fine at the beginning - as if it couldn't get any better than that - but he turned it all up and the dynamics he put in his own take of the song was really good. The last part was particularly brilliant and this reminded me why I was rooting for him since the beginning. 8


3. Taylor Henderson
The Blower's Daughter
Such a shame. I didn't know he'd pull a Jai in the Finale. When he missed a full line of his song, Taylor managed to recover but not as much to salvage the whole performance. His voice was perfect for this Damien Rice song, but it's unfortunate that he forgot his words. 6

2. Jai Waetford
The Only Exception
His whiny/shrill tone surprisingly worked best with this song choice. It was less breathy than usual and he sounded very nice, especially during the last part where he showcased an almost whisper quality to his voice. Nice. 7

1. Dami Im
And I Am Telling You
She just tore this song up. No, Dami's version wasn't the best - I've heard better renditions of it, look up Jessica Sanchez - but on this context, she nailed it. There's enough grit to her voice to give character to the song, her diction was crystal clear, and I felt like she connected with the material really well. Good job. 8.5

Winner's Single

3. Jai Waetford
Your Eyes
Eh. Shrill. I don't know. The song's cheesy and all, but it fits perfectly with Jai's persona. Maybe I'm just not the target market of this song. 5

2. Taylor Henderson
Borrow My Heart
This was nice. The added folksy arrangement worked well with Taylor's voice and he managed to perform this like a pro. I thought the growls were nicely placed and the song itself has a nice melody. Not sure if it's something I'd listen over and over again, but for a Winner's single, this is pretty good. 7

1. Dami Im
I admit, I doubted the type of singer Dami will be after the show, and while I'm still unsure of the direction she should go, this somehow showed a possible path to her career. This midtempo tune had a cadence that was just right for her, her vocals were spot on - despite the obvious backtracking - and the hook was good. I wouldn't say that this is a total earworm, compared to Samantha Jade's winner single last year, but this will suffice. 7.5


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