Sunday, October 27, 2013

X Factor UK 10: Top 11

This review's a bit late, but I digress. I thought this episode was a lot better than this season's first live show. It had a couple of more contemporary song choices, most contestants stepped up their game, and it was actually a lot more entertaining this time. I still don't know if there are frontrunners already, but we'll see.

Here we go!

11. Miss Dynamix

10. Luke Friend
Let Her Go
Did Luke just ruin the song? I love myself some quirky singers, but this was annoying. 3

09. Rough Copy
I Want It That Way
BLAND! Next. 4

08. Abi Alton
Can't Get You Out Of My Head
She did better than I expected with the song, but she still fell short. She looked uncomfortable walking around the stage, and her voice was uneven in spots. 5

07. Kingsland Road
Marry You
Good harmonies, but it sounded pre-recorded, which is always a bad thing. 5

06. Shelley Smith
Single Ladies
Shoot me, but this was actually quite entertaining and fun - love it or hate it. This sounded like a terrific karaoke version of the song. Haha. 5.5

05. Sam Callahan
I Won't Give Up
Though better than last week, he still needs to work on his vocals. There's something thin about his tone that's a bit jarring, but I felt like he was really trying. 6

04. Hannah Barrett
This was an improvement from the previous week, but for me, she lacks star power. Plus, she got a little lazy with her notes towards the end. 7

03. Sam Bailey
Make You Feel My Love
While an absolutely fantastic vocalist, Sam is old-fashioned, and sadly, unmarketable. I don't know. I think she'd be able to last a couple more weeks, but a dull ballad interpretations on this show just doesn't work anymore. 7.5

02. Nicholas McDonald
She's The One
Fantastic! His vocals were spot on, his tone sounded gorgeous with the song, he connected well with the material. Plus, there's something undeniably likable about him. He actually reminds me of James Arthur for some reason.  8

01. Tamera Foster
Beneath Your Beautiful
This was actually very good. Yes, there's nothing distinctive about her that would probably make her a huge popstar in the real world, but on the context of this show, she stands out. This girl is ready. 8


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