Monday, October 14, 2013

X Factor Australia 5: Top 6

GREAT SHOW! I literally enjoyed every performance! I honestly believe that this Top 6 is evenly matched with respect to talent - well, I don't know, but whatever - so somehow it really does come down to personal preference. Besides, everyone's level was raised this week. Good job!

Who did the best?

06. Jai Waetford
Somewhere Only We Know
The beginning was annoyingly breathy. Look, the kid could sing and his version of Somewhere Only We Know wasn't really that bad, but he's just too raw for this. He's just not ready and I can't take him seriously. 7

05. Dami Im
While everyone was raving about this performance, to me, her vocals here wasn't as clean as I wanted to. Yes, she sounded great during the verses with good modulation and clear diction, but when she hit the second half and stared to hit those high notes, she sort of lost me. It wasn't off by any means, but she was a bit shrill in parts. I don't know. 7.5

04. Omar Dean
She Will Be Loved
He's always struck me as middle of the pack and I something think his time has run out, but this was actually pretty solid. It's not by any means outstanding, but his transitions were good, and even his falsetto sounded spot on. One of his better performances. 7.5

03. Third D3gree
Pump It
What a nice comeback! This was pretty strong with Kelebek's standout rapping and Jacinta's vocals soared as per usual. I wouldn't say their best performance in a while, but definitely an improvement from the previous week. 7.5

02. Jiordan Tolli
She seems like she never performs to her potential, but Jiordan sold me this performance. To me, Royals was a match made in heaven. Her vocals were stunning, her tone suited the song perfectly, her phrasing sounded fantastic, and she had some stage presence going on. Possibly one of her better vocal performances in weeks. 8

01. Taylor Henderson
Wake Me Up
AWESOME! I didn't doubt Taylor vocally on this one, but if I'm being honest, I was more worried if he could pull off something this upbeat, but he managed to combine strong vocals with some undeniable charisma and great stage presence. Who knew? 9


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