Monday, October 14, 2013

X Factor Australia 5: Top 5

This was an odd week. With only 5 people left, I'm not really sure how they stack up. I mean, we have the obvious frontrunners, the middling people, and a kid. Haha. But then again, what do I know? I'm just hoping for a good competition come finals night. Yes?

Anyway, who did the best?

05. Jai Waetford
Eh. No comment. 4

04. Dami Im
You're The Voice
Oh no. She did struggle with the song. I understand that she took the most difficult song of the night, but why push something if you can't deliver? I'd rather have someone safe and sing it good than take big risks and fail at it. I don't know. Other than the first verse, everything was such a mess. 5

03. Taylor Henderson
One Crowded Hour
Horrible song choice. What was this? I've been loving all of his performances the last couple of weeks, and this came off a little underwhelming. His vocals were decent, but at this stage of the competition, they should ALWAYS be at the top of their game. 6.5

02. Jiordan Tolli
Somebody That I Used To Know
While this would've been perfect if she just had stripped down the arrangement - maybe just with a piano? - this was actually quite good. Yes, she didn't take any risks in terms of her vocals as this sounded a bit of a copy, but you just can't deny the beauty of her tone. 7

01. Third D3gree
Battle Scars
SOLID. Jacinta's vocals were powerful enough that it actually stole the show. Hands down, best vocal of the night and Kelebek's rapping was just on point. Jordan's part were a bit uneven, but I honestly didn't mind. This performance had enough dynamics that it's actually quite riveting. 8


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