Thursday, October 31, 2013

X Factor US 3: Top 16

The mediocrity of the talent on this show was laughable. Why is there such a vast difference in the level of talent between this show versus The Voice or even American Idol? X Factor USA is just the strangest thing ever. Heck, I watch X Factor UK and X Factor Australia, and all their contestants can at least sing on key.

Also, if anyone can understand what Paulina was saying, please interpret them for me. I don't know. I give up on Ms. Rubio as a judge. She has the personality of mollusk, and for the life of me, I don't even understand how she made the panel.

But I digress.

Let's get on with the rankings, shall we?

Demi Lovato

4. Danie Geimer
Wrecking Ball
Way too many clothes for this song!! Haha. I kid. To be perfectly honest, the song choice would've been great on paper, but Dani just didn't sell it. Her verses were good, but she sounded like she was struggling when she hit the chorus. Oh, and she had zero stage presence. Watching grass grow is more entertaining than her actual performance. Sorry. 5

3. Rion Paige
Yikes! Why do I feel like Rion is still in the competition just because of her story? She, to me, is overrated in every sense of the word. Her voice is nothing special. In fact, her vocals on Skyscraper was too uneven it's not even funny. Plus, I felt like she was putting on an act and the whole thing just didn't seem natural. She tried WAY too hard. 5.5

2. Khaya Cohen
Although the song didn't showcase much of her range, she probably had the most spot on vocals in her category. At least no major pitch problems no? Her tone was perfect for her song choice and there's something about her that's quite magnetic. I did feel though that she was a bit smug and that will NEVER translate well with the viewers. 7

1. Ellona Santiago
Till The World Ends
Ellona's vocals weren't perfect, but considering how she worked that stage, I honestly didn't mind. She showed that she has pop star potential, and her performance was a breath of fresh air. Sometimes, I feel like these contestants just stand there and do nothing, so this was a pleasant change. 7

Danie Giemer

Paulina Rubio

4. Carlos Guevara
Don't You Worry Child
Damn! Carlos knew how to sing in 10 different keys at once! What a talent! Haha. I hate to be rude, but while his song choice was excellent, he was just off key through out the entire song. It also sounded like he was singing phonetically in a foreign language. I don't know. This was pretty terrible. 3.5

3. Tim Olstad
Did anyone check why he's in this category? Tim is too serious all the time that he could very well be part of the Over 25s. He needs to loosen up! To be fair, he actually sang the best in this category - he was mostly on key - but his song choice was dire, his stage presence was non existent, and he sounded like an oldster - more than James Kenney and Jeff Gutt, and that's disturbing. 5

2. Josh Levi
Only Girl (In The World)
SO. MUCH. POTENTIAL. Josh may not have the best and most consistent set of pipes on this show, but he probably has one of the best commercial appeals this season - and yes, Paulina's only hope for her category. That's not to say his vocals were terrible because he managed to hit more notes than Carlos and that's with choreography already. 6

1. Carlito Olivero
Maria Maria
Between Carlito, Carlos, Mario and Paulina. I suddenly figured, was I watching X Factor Mexico? Carlito, just like Rion, tried too hard with the performance that it almost seemed like a parody of some sort, but at least his vocals were mostly decent, and he has an image that could sell. 6

Josh Levi

OVER 25s
Kelly Rowland

4. Jeff Gutt
I get it. He needed something to make him come across as more commercial, but this somehow didn't work. His diction was terrible that I couldn't understand most of his words, he laid his grit too thick that it sounded unpleasant in parts, and it didn't seem natural. I don't know. I had high hopes for him, but this was underwhelming. 6.5

3. Rachel Potter
I Hope You Dance
Rachel sounded nervous, but there's no doubt that she sounded pretty on this song and A LOT better than her last performance. However, you need to evoke emotion to sell this song and I honestly didn't get that from her. Technically capable and nothing else. 7

2. James Kenney
His performance may not be all that compelling compared to his competitors - I admit, I got a little bored halfway through - but James showcased a warm tone to his voice and clarity to his diction that was pretty impressive. How I wish he just used his Russian Roulette performance he did in Season 1. That would've been a killer. 7

1. Lillie McCloud
When A Man Loves A Woman
The dancers were an odd choice for this song. Haha. Lillie is hands down the best singer this season, but she's way too old fashioned. Sure, her modulation on this performance was good and the liberties she took on the melody were pretty good, but I'm beginning to question her ability totackle something more current. If she keeps on singing songs that are way too old, she'll never win the show. Fact. 7.5

James Kenney

Simon Cowell

4. RoxXxy Montana
WOW. This was probably the worst vocal I've heard in this episode. All of the harmonies they attempted failed miserably, their solos sounded really off, and it was just a total mess. Let me watch Pentatonix's version to wash away this atrocity out of my head. 2

3. Sweet Suspense
I Love It
This trio should just change their name to sweet cheese! Haha. Ok. This was pretty decent, but I felt like there was no attempt of any harmony during the whole performance. It seemed like they were just singing in unison and nothing else. How I wish they could have a trajectory like Fifth Harmony. 6

2. Restless Road
A countrified version of Roar? Haha. This should've been a complete train wreck, but somehow Restless Road managed to pull it off - not spectacularly, but good enough to be decent. I thought the backtrack was a bit of a cheat as it sounded louder than their actual voices, but I digress. The girls love them, so I guess they're allowed to be mediocre? Haha. 6

1. Alex & Sierra
Blurred Lines
AMAZING! The arrangement was brilliant, their harmonies were fantastic, the chemistry was palpable, and yes, their individual vocals were pretty good. I'd totally buy an Alex & Sierra record. 8.5

RoxXy Montana


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