Thursday, October 10, 2013

X Factor US 3: 4 Chair Challenge (Boys)

Oh. Gawd. The boys category was so horrible, I was actually hoping Paulina would say NO to everyone. This wasn't just disappointing, but it got to a point where it was beyond embarrassing. Yikes! Oh, and Paulina Rubio was just as lame as a judge. I don't know.

Let's take a look at how bad these boys were. Shall we?

Al Calderon
Call Me Maybe
What was this? There's something about his tone that's very unappealing and he has this creepy stage presence - almost stalker-ish. I don't know. The arrangement was interesting and his vocals were mostly decent, but when he went into his falsetto, he lost me. 4 SEAT ELIMINATED in favor of Tim Olstad

Isaiah Alston
The Greatest Love Of All
This was so bad that I question how the hell did they put him into the Top 10 of this category. His vocals were so bad, I wanted to punch someone. 3 ELIMINATED

Isaac Tauefa
HAHAHA. Help me! Why? 3.5 ELIMINATED

Carlos Guevara
Ain't No Sunshine
His version was a boring and a tad overwrought on his runs, but he has a nice tone. At the end of his performance though, I just didn't care about it. 5 SEAT

Stone Martin
This kid has potential. Sure, he needs to work on his stage presence - it's zero as of the moment - but he has a nice tone and good enough range, which merits him a spot in the Final 4 in his category. I think he's one of the better talents in this group, but what the hell Paulina! 6 SEAT ELIMINATED in favor of Tim Olstad

Chase Goehring
Let me die now! He's interesting, but come on! 3.5 SEAT ELIMINATED in favor of Carlito Olivero

Tim Olstad
The Climb
Amateur. Nothing great. To be honest, I didn't think he's anything special to create all the drama. 3.5 SEAT ELIMINATED in favor of Timmy Thames SEAT

Carlito Olivero
Dreaming of You
This kid who pimped his Hispanic heritage wasn't as good as they think. Blech. His vocals were shaky, the transition from English to Spanish was a lame gimmick, and it almost felt desperate. Shoot me. 4 SEAT

Timmy Thames
New Girl In Town
Eh. 4 SEAT ELIMINATED in favor of Josh Levi

Josh Levi
I Can't Make You Love Me
Decent. I hated the arrangement to this classic song, but I got what he was trying to do. The execution failed, but there's something in this kid that I sort of liked. 5 SEAT

Carlos Guevara
Tim Olstad
Carlito Olivero
Josh Levi


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